How does my brian work?

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  1. Jessieblue

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    Hi lovely people

    So when it comes to relationships I become emotionally retarded but when it comes to History, art, culture, cooking basically lots of things I have taught my self as did not get taken to school much as a kid due to absence adults in my life lol I am pretty clever at learning and teaching so my question is how can I be clever with certain things and a dumb ass with relationships with boyfriend, friends and family? here is what I do its sooo embarrassing :(

    Texting friends: (I don't get a reply straight away) my thoughts become they don't want my friendship, they are too busy for me or they just like to ignore me.

    Texting boyfriend: (no reply yet) he is sleeping with someone else, he don't love me anymore, he is bored of me and can't be bothered.

    Apart from that I need reassurance and I kinda of start the pressure on these relationships YOU MUST LOVE AND YOU MUST STAY!!! this is why every relationship I have had ended with the guy deciding on leaving my current boyfriend i pushed to the point he ended it with me on new year day but has since said he loves me with all his heart and dont want to leave but again i will end up pestering him and he will crack. i am lucky i have friends that put up my madness but feel i need a larger group of friends and to get out a lot more.
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    Have you got help for that insecurity of yours. Your right if you cannot trust your bf or others the relationship will be strained hun Get some therapy ok so you don't keep doing what you are doing but you can change you can trust more hugs
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