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How does the world look to you

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To me this world is shit ... I say that because we all know what happens everyday and we all participate in ignoring it. The majority of people in this world are more interested in the latest break up of celebrities couples or the newest movie blockbuster. I watch the news everyday and the first story might be important but soon enough you will see something about trailer park britney spears break up or whos fcukin who in hollywood. Its all a distraction so we dont look at how messed up this world is. The lastest fashion, the newest movies star scandal, Paris Hilton they are all just there so people will be distracted so they dont all loose their minds when an important new story breaks like a bombing or a political scandal the next second after something like that appears on the news people then are bombarded with mindless dripple about people that do nothing but entertain us for brief periods. We have incurable disease, famine, war and the only thing people are comfortable talking about is the lastest celebrity scandal. We have an entire generation of children whos sole purpose in life is to become famous. We lost something along the way we went to the moon we split the atom what have we done since fought wars, increased poverty, increased famine. This world sickens me makes me physically sick on a daily basis


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I hate to sound so negative, but I hate life. I hate society, the demands and pressures, the expectations, bullying, mental health professionals.. the list is endless.

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This world, this life, is just something we must pass through in order to reach death. Get famous, live in obscurity, become rich, live in poverty; whatever you want to do you should try to. For those of us to weighted down for anything great to happen, live as if life is what it is--a passing phase, a trend, a cheap fad made up by celebrities.

Whatever. Death will come when it does, and that is the purpose of life [death].
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