How had SF Helped you?

How has Suicide Forum helped you

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Hmmm... interesting poll question, and I could more or less have voted for all of them... Its a pity that you can only choose one, but its still good.



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I voted for something else because there were numerous things that have helped me here at the site since i joined

the chat room, expressing myself in the forums, having people identify with what I write, getting and giving feedback, getting a support network that I wasnt able to get for myself in the real world(at first anyway :) )
I voted for's helped me a lot.
Still wish I could have ticked more than one though :D
Only two don't apply - the Arcade (since I'm so not a games kinda girl lol)...and the "it hasn't"...because it totally has.
Thanks you guys for being here and making the Forum what it is :)



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its helped me hell of alot! ive met my fiancee on here :biggrin:

cept that their were alot of ppl on here when i 1st came on who helped me alot :smile:


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I voted for chat cos you can normally find me in there :rolleyes: and also I would've voted for all of them except 'Arcade' and 'It hasn't'.

I do feel like I belong here :)


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I voted for the let it out forum because I have been able to yell and scream there. Right now I think I am beyond help. I don't even think I belong here. :cry:



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i voted it hasnt. everyone says they care but i dont feel liek anyone does. i guess i cant fault anyoone here either because what else can you do but say ur sorry and u wish u could help.


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i am not alone in the world...there are people with the same problems as me, that do the same things as me....and there are people who actually CARE!!!


It made me a better reader, and I'm now hooked on this place. It allows me also to express myself and hopefully I've brought some happiness with the funny posts :laugh::tongue:
I picked "somewhere I belong"... I feel like I belong here.. I feel like I'm atleast partically understood here when I get dirty or crazy looks from others when they find out my problems or abuse in the past (In person). I feel like i'm part of this family. :grouphug:


Understanding ,learning,nurturing the knowledge of other people's deepest thoughts is liberating to my own.


definitely "Seeing im not alone" I know it's selfish but sometimes you feel like you're the only one that understand you and how you feel. Here feels more homely and you know you wont be judged :)
And second would be PMing and MSNing with other members. It helps just to have someone to talk to.
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