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how have you treated yourself today?

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ages ago someone suggested on an email i got, you should start doing this thing.. bee good to yourself mondays.

the point was, that many people hate mondays, so giving yourself a treat might help it all go faster

anyway, i got in to a habbit of giving myself at least 1 treat each day, and it does help

so if you've treated yourself today (does not matter what it is) share it here for us all to know about
Treat yourself to some humour!

Why don't you treat yourselves to some humour and funny tales? A chuckle a day really does keep the doctor away. It releases tensions and encourages us to look at our world and the foibles of humankind with more kindness and tolerance. That's the intention anyway.

So, why not try and follow this link:



Wishing you a blessed day, filled with laughter and happiness,

The Courtjester



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I'm on a diet BUT... I treated my self to a Mars bar.

Admittedly, not exactly a life changing event but I enjoyed it nevertheless. :mhmm:

Lady E

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I haven't been feeling very well today so I am taking it easy and being gentle. Drinking all the o.j and ginger ale I want and took a long nap.
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