How I believe we can overcome suicide and depression

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  1. beaglelover

    beaglelover Active Member

    I am a Baptist Christian who believes that the King James Bible is the Word of God. I would love to have the opportunity to show you how you can know for sure that you will go to heaven when you die. And how being saved can bring meaning to your life. If you are not interested, please don't post to insult my beliefs. I just want to offer the plan of salvation to those who are interested. Hope to hear from you who are searching for something more in life. Thanks for reading.

    The Bible says no one is perfect. "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Romans 3:23.

    The Bible also tells us that the payment for our sin is death. "For the wages of sin is death..." Romans 6:23a. This death is speaking of the lake of fire(often referred to as hell). "And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire." Revelation 20:14-15.

    The great news is, Romans 6:23 doesn't end there. It continues "but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." The gift mentioned here is the payment for our sins that was paid when Jesus died on the cross. He paid the payment of death for our sins, but because He is God's Son, He defeated death and rose from the dead and is in heaven today.

    Romans 10:13 says "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

    So, all someone has to do to be saved from going to hell is 1) Realize you are a sinner, 2)believe that the penalty for sin is death and hell, 3)believe that Jesus paid for your sin when He died on the cross and rose again, and 4)accept that payment by praying and asking God to forgive your sins and take you to heaven when you die.

    Getting saved is so simple. I was saved nineteen years ago as a four year old child. Please feel free to ask me questions. But don't be a jerk. I am not posting this so I can argue with people who don't believe the Bible. I am posting this for people who are searching for something more and I want them to know I found it and want to share the wonderful news.The Bible clearly tells us that God sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross so we could go to heaven. It doesn't matter how you die(though suicide is wrong because you are saying God didn't know what He was doing when He allowed you to be born). What matters is whether or not you accept the payment for your sins that Jesus paid when He died on the cross. And btw, "sin" is anything that goes against the Bible. Not just the "big" sins or what people think is wrong. It's whatever GOD says is wrong in His Word. From lying and stealing all the way to murder. It is all sin.
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  2. bhawk

    bhawk Well-Known Member

    I am not mocking your beliefs but i find it disgraceful to come onto a forum with unstable people and recruit that way, also promising them something which you dont even know to be true (in the sense you cant be sure to resolve the problems they have, after all much of it is trauma or chemical imbalances in the brain)
  3. beaglelover

    beaglelover Active Member

    i am not trying to recruit. i struggle with depression and suicidal feelings still. i make it through each day because of Christ and want to share the hope i have with others who have these struggles too. i believe one day i will beat this as i grow closer to the Lord.
  4. poisonedresistance

    poisonedresistance Well-Known Member

    If you have it all figured out, why are you on a suicide forum?

    Are you a troll?
  5. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    I don't share your beliefes, but I respect peoples right to choose and act upon their beliefes as long as they do not conflict with another person. To a point. You posted on a public forum, so you are going to get a public responce. Putting if you are not interested doesn't work in my opinon.

    Glad to see there are still some people around who like to offer a complete disconnection from the actual problems people have by makeing them as individuals feel as low as they possibly can go, and have them believe in a possibility completely.

    What the hell? *edit Basically you are saying *edit*You are shit and must accept that you are shit and then accept me and be how I want you to be?... Great way to help individuals with their issues. I seriously hope no one listens to you. But that's my opinion.

    Funny how people who spout all this divine knowledge here, always claim to be suicidal themselves. I do not understand how you can claim to have an answer to a problem and yet be entangeled by that very problem. You don't know the individual and what their problem(s) are. It all depends on the person and their individual issues. This is a blanket solution, if you can even call it that.

    I really hated reading your second sentence. For your sake and all aswell.
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  6. xan

    xan Chat Buddy

    How far I got before I stopped reading this shit I've heard so many times before...

    Edit- In a bad mood.. sorry if it sounds like I'm insulting it.. saying it's shit is just my belief, not trying to push what I believe on anyone else.
  7. reefer madness

    reefer madness Account Closed

    What happened to all the people who died before Jesus? Did they not get into heaven because Jesus hadn't died yet?
  8. xan

    xan Chat Buddy

    Blegh.. I'm not saying that... I'll just shut up :dry:
  9. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    I am in hell right now.
    Heaven can be found right here and now. You don't have to wait until you die. Although I do believe in an afterlife, Heaven comes to you whenever you choose it.
  10. XXXXX

    XXXXX Antiquities Friend

    You really couldn't make it up :lol!:
  11. Beautiful Disaster

    Beautiful Disaster Forum Buddy SF Supporter

    i dont think its a matter of believing

    its a fact that you can, or at least try
    point your finger at all the bible stuff in the world
    in the end its you, and only you, who is gotta fight for it/yourself..

    dont use the bible as an excuse
  12. Zurkhardo

    Zurkhardo Well-Known Member

    For the record, while I disagree with your beliefs I do respect them, whether it's reciprocated or not. You seemed receptive to questions so allow me to express at least one concern, regarding the following statement:

    The Bible is inherently contradictory on numerous issues, so how are we to know which word or message is to be followed? Also, the Old Testament component endorses numerous horrific acts such as genocide, infanticide, homophobia, and misogyny - surely we are not meant to follow any of that? Isn't the Bible ultimately meant to be interpreted or treated as allegorical?
  13. the fleet asleep

    the fleet asleep Well-Known Member

    is beaglelover not a troll? this is the second thread advertising christianity from this member today, and no matter what your view on religion is, coming to a forum where vulnerable people struggle with their own mortality to "spread the word" is in such bad taste that i cannot express it in words.

    turning this thread into another "heres the fundamental issues with religion as veiwed by your average suicidal" scene doesnt make sense, as it would feed right into the thread creaters intenrtions. maybe we should choose to, instead, discuss the fundamental reasons why advertising a religion in a place like this is not only in bad taste, but outright disrespectful to everyone who comes here, religious and non religious alike.

    i digress, though. im under the impression that ya'll are posting in a troll thread.
  14. Beautiful Disaster

    Beautiful Disaster Forum Buddy SF Supporter

    woow, someone posting troll threads on this forum must be very lame.. i dont know. i just gave my opinion..

    we'll see
  15. Zurkhardo

    Zurkhardo Well-Known Member

    To be honest I had the suspicion as well (with Righteous too), but it wouldn't surprise me if the intention was genuine, given the tendencies of Born-again Charismatic Christians.
  16. Entoloma43

    Entoloma43 Well-Known Member

    beaglelover, your God drowned millions of babies, advocates slavery, orders the destruction of entire cities (every man, woman, child, baby, infant, animal), commands rape, and much more.

    I am not interested in such a God, nor are any moral people.
  17. Silvio

    Silvio Well-Known Member

    I guess it's got a lot to do with self-confidence most of the time. Negativity turns out brains into moosh, preventing us from having a good conversation with people. I have tried to get close to people, however when I do, they normally just end up hurting me and letting me down.
    It's a challenge to trust somebody completely, so many imperfections in the human psyche.
    I think it would really help, if people weren't so quick to judge and aren't shallow minded and base everything based on first impressions, just because someone is shy and quiet, doesn't make them a snob.
    If society promotes this notion, I think homosapiens would progress tremendously and connect with each other to a very strong degree.
    Acceptance, ever the rarity nowadays.

  18. lifeisashedog

    lifeisashedog Well-Known Member

    We have a saying in good ol' Balkan:

    "Preaching never made a sheep pregnant."

    Have you ever tried feeding the homeless or something like that? :idea:
  19. Confusticated

    Confusticated Well-Known Member

    Oh come on.. really? This is just your belief, you can't come on here with hundreds of vulnerable people and do this, it's giving them (what I believe) false hope. False hope is worse than no hope at all, because when you realise it's false, you've lost something, at least with no hope there's nothing to lose.
    Besides, anyone who's read the bible could find that there's amillion and one contradictions with it. Plus, why did they change it between testaments? Did they see that saying god was a bastard wasn't a good way to recruit? They can't just change their minds and change the foundations of a religion whenever they want.
    Saying anyone who isn't part of that reliogion is a satanist, too, and that you're sure to go to hell, that's just scaring people into joining, which is potentially what this post seems to be doing. I can't go to hell because I don't believe in it.
    My reply seems to have deviated from the actual post, but your post just seems to be a recruitment process. If so, get the hell out of here, we don't want people giving us false hope, and we don't want to be scared into a religion.

    I'm very sorry, I know how hateful this reply is, and I don't mean for it to be so. I just really get annoyed by these sort of posts. None of this is aimed too much at you, it's not your fault the religion you believe in has changed and contradicted itself so much.
  20. Rayne

    Rayne Well-Known Member

    You cannot expect people not to respond negatively to your post. I understand how set you are in your beliefs and that is a trait to be admired, as is the fact that you are trying to help people, but this is bound to be a highly volatile subject.

    If you are a troll, then please leave now with a little dignity.
    If not, then please consider peoples reactions a little more carefully before you post. While discussing religion can be interesting, "recruiting" is another matter. As the others said, people here are vulnerable and you are seemingly offering a simple solution when in fact there is none. This is something we all work hard to fight against and we all find the strength to do so in our own ways. As for those who have responded so far, you must understand why so many people here would disagree with your views and feel that religion wouldn't help them.

    I don't suggest that the few religious members we have on the site abandon their faith as I did. I don't see how asking people to convert to your religion is any different.
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