How I feel love and attraction

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    One thing I talk a lot about with my therapist is why I have a complicated relationship with anybody I like sexualy. Since my first experience I have had trouble being intimate and the past years I have completely avoided it the reason being that
    arousal comes together with sharp pains all over. I think my psychiatrist is kind of clueless and won't give me straight answers when I ask him if he's seen this before or if he thinks it'll get better. We have tried lots of therapies along with different medications and I'm losing hope.
    Has anyone ever heard of this?
    I hope this makes sense despite me being a bit foggy tonight.
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    Cant say I have any real insight, but did want to say that I am glad you are getting help and I truly hope you resolve it as that would be very difficult. Hoping things improve for you.
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    I forgot to mention the kind of pain is related to anxiety, like when you feel chills or pins and needles, just really amplified
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    Have you gone to your regular doctor about this?
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    No I haven't, do you think it would help?
    Gosh this is a month old sorry I missed your reply!