How I feel regarding my iron overload

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    I am highly disgusted with myself - although I know that yesterday I had actually had 6 coffees and have not once had a full awake alertness. I am pissed off at my own lack of being able to do as much as I'd like - and I only hope that being in the normal reaches of ferritin levels that this is just a one off.

    It's not like I did nothing - if I had - I would have probably napped. But I went to a therapist appointment (1 hour) - went to a building society to take ID for opening a new account - I even spent 90 mins at my sisters. But almost all day I wanted to go back to bed.

    It's been a fair while since I last had 6 coffees in a day - but even with all that caffeine - I still want to just be in bed. *argh*. Am even meant to be cleaning a bathroom but I just have no energy. If I wasn't eating at all I could understand it - but I'm in a routine of eating between 10-11am - between 3.30-5.30pm - and when I get in from work (11pm or later).

    I'm a fighter - but it really does bug me that things I used to do with no real issue prior to diagnosis I'm struggling with now I'm down to normal levels. I only hope this doesn't continue and cause me issues with my recently started job.
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    Hiya, fighting_. Sounds very frustrating to deal with limitations you didn't have before. Are there ways to plan your day so you can do more of what you plan on? (I find that I'm more energetic in the mornings, so I try to do my chores and errands in the morning, and easier stuff in the afternoons, if I can. Or if I know I have lots to do, I space things out over a couple of days, rather than putting everything on one day.) I sure hope you find a way to make things work out for yourself. Take care of yourself! :)
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    With a relatively flexible schedule for work (just not a Thursday) and a minimum number of hours of 20 (so far more like 35-40 a week but that's due to staff shortage), actively planning anything is restricted to knowing what the rota is going to be from one week to the next. Knowing that I've had that variable flexibility before isn't a problem - just fitting stuff in at the same time each week would be challenging for any day other than a Thursday now.

    I do try to keep on top of things - but lately I have had this wave of lethargy/fatigue just running me down. Doing too much too soon from nothing work wise to a couple of 50 hour weeks probably didn't help. But I am in an unknown phase for myself not needing to have as regular in terms of phlebotomies (it's called maintenance - purely because it's just a case when levels are low enough that they only need maintaining).

    Also I have no idea when my best time of day to do anything is - it's as variable as the flexi-shift pattern.
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    I've also found that sometimes, I've had to learn to let a few things slip...Maybe I don't get to the vacuuming on the day I originally planned it, but I do get the groceries I need. The vacuuming gets pushed to a couple of days later.

    We are not always able to do everything we have on our schedules and this sounds especially true for you as you struggle with a fluctuating work schedule and health issues. If you have things that are "must do" in a week, perhaps making a list of those things and getting to them when you can in the week is the best you can do.

    No one I know is completely on top of their game ALL the time. Be gentle with yourself, fighting_. :hug:
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    I am really sorry you are not able to do now what you could do before the dx. I hope things can resolve themselves so you have more strength and energy. does donating blood help at all? I know it can be helpful for some who tend to struggle with high ferritin levels. I hope your energy picks up soon without all that coffee. and like Acy said, I hope you can be gentle with yourself. I really do :hug: