how i feel

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I don't even have the courage to post a reply anymore.
I considered my replies useless before too, but still I said to myself, at least it shows that I care, I mean it is a nice feeling to know that someone cares, I was relying on that.
But it seems that people don't appreciate that, and since my english is not so good in the first place, moreover i am not good in expressing myself in my own language either, and most of the time I don't have a smart advice or anything usefull to say... i don't think there is any use for my replies.
And I don't even feel like replying anymore, my reply might be too short, could sound too insincere, rushed .... relating seems to be a bad idea too, because some have the feeling that you are stealing their spotlight or something.
I don't know. I quess Nietzsche was right about intention. ( if i can recall right he was the one who thought that intention doesn't matter, no matter how genuine it is )

Sa Palomera

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hey there, I'm truly sorry to hear you feel like this... I know the feeling, but I still keep on trying to post replies every now and then, cos there are still a lot of people who DO appreciate replies and I'm sure also your replies. Maybe some people arent good at showing their appreciation for your replies, but I'm sure they do appreciate it.

if you need a talk, you can always pm me

xxx :hug:
Hey thanks! I might take you up on that offer!
You can PM me too if you need to talk.:smile:

And thanks for the hug! :hug:

I quess I will post replies too every now and then, it's just that there have been some complains on the "quality" of replies recently, and I just don't want to waste anyone's time with my stupid replies. And to tell you the truth, right now I don't even feel like replying anymore. I wanted to post some replies today, and I recognized some of the criticized issues in what I wanted to say, like it was too generic, too short so it might have seemed insincere, or I wanted to make a "projection" on myself feeling related to a post which I quess can be seen as stealing the spotligh of the one posting the thread , etc. So I didn't replied in the end.
I don't know, maybe tomorrow I will feel more confident.
Sorry if i offended anyone, it was not my intention.


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Hey! I was thinking about you today. I just want you to know that talking with you on messenger, PM, and the forum you have been very comforting and helped me a lot. You're one reason I came back because of your kindness. I for one think your post are very helpful. :hug:

Hi. You are very nice, thank you!:hug:
I don't see how I helped or anything, but I am glad I did, and I am most certainly glad that you came back, so if I had something to do with that I am not useless after all!:biggrin:
:hug: :hug: :hug:


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hey me_ i just wanted to thank you responded to one of my posts in here awhile ago you didnt know it was me but it did help a little thanks!
Sarah, Mia :grouphug:

And Sarah, you don't have to thank me for that! I am very glad if I was of any help at all.



I think alot of people share the same kind of feeling that do. The fear of maybe seeing that a post is too short, or insincere.

But, think for an example, if a person really appreciates your and others help, they will thank you. Trying, even a little bit is way better then not trying at all.

Not much I can say, sorry. But just remember that you can always try, and people will (and should) thank you.
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