How I Lost 70lbs in very Healthy Way....

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    well, a bit back, not too long ago, I was told I had developed Type2 Diabetes, and that I would most likely have it forever. That might have been the best thing the Doctor could have told me. I love to work hard to try to prove them wrong about things like that. I had been working with the nutritionist and a nutrition program with support once a week. we all are weighed in, and I know I along with others really kind of hate that part, but it was a love hate thing.

    Any way, just adding basic activity for starters to your life, like parking further away from the entrance and taking the stairs, along with being aware and keeping a food journal for me was huge!! For me being told about the diabetes also, I was told to keep to 60 Carbs per meal, stay away from concentrated sweets, and keep snacks under 45carbs, I didn't have to count anything, no calorie counting or anything. I did have to measure some foods for carbs, but is was pretty basic, when its only ONE item I needed to pay attention too on the labels.

    Anyway, wanted to share with you all, it took time, and I have more to go to reach my personal goal and be rid of it all together the diagnosis, BUT, as of now I have it diet controlled still, an have never taken a pill yet, but it can be done, just small life style changes at a time, and before you know it, the new you and the healthier you begins to shed off the old.

    Take good care all....and hope we all can continue to do our best each day to make healthy habits a bigger part of our routines........30 days to make a habit, and 30 days to break one.....lets try to make a healthy habit today, or kick a bad one now!!!