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how i survived

Discussion in 'Bullying and Violence' started by goop, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. goop

    goop Active Member

    I was bullied at school.

    I survived by attacking the biggest nastiest bully there was. The bizzarre thing was i was expelled for doing the right thing.

    I cant be arsed getting into details. However if you drop the main protagonist (bullying idiot)
    then the others will leave you alone.

    Its the way these tools work. They have one or two wide boys, who will go for you. If you humilliate one of the big lads then the others will back off.

    After a few years of bullying, i lost it and attacked those whom attacked me.

    As I say, i cant be bothered getting into it. If you fight back then the rest of these weaklings will back off.

    I know it seems hard and it is hard . But if people are afraid of you, they will not hurt you. Being punched does not hurt, it might nip a few hours later. Its nothing worth being afraid of.

    Anyway i was bullied, im 6ft 3, was in the Royal Millitary Police, worked as a door steward (bouncer) and have a titanium plate in my head. Those whom bullied me are now really scared of me.

    Believe me bullies are pussies. Get them on there own and they will urinate themselves

    Dont be afraid. Attack them, the word will get about.

    Of course im not saying you should attack them. violence is bad. But in the interests of defending yourself.....

    .....They will soon leave you alone.

    Getting punched a few times is better than putting up with *years* of turmoil

    best wishes

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  2. IntheEnd

    IntheEnd New Member

    I understand exactly what your saying. I stopped being bullied as soon as i went nuts and started throwing punches. They never botherd me again, they are only strong when you are week, if you hit back their fun has ended. I hate to say it but if they hit you now they will keep hitting you, better to hit back everytime and make them work for the beating their giving you. With my experiance they backed off after i kicked the crap out of 'em.
  3. goop

    goop Active Member

    the paranoia abounds
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  4. twilightki

    twilightki Well-Known Member

    In most cases, people get bullied simply because they don't fight back. If someone is putting you through hell, They deserve to be hit, screw getting in trouble.
  5. Jason_Byrnes

    Jason_Byrnes New Member

    yep, I agree with goop, bullies can't do shit without their crew of punk-wannabes. it's happened to me before too, I've gotten into a few fights with bullies, won some, lost some.

    but yeah I'm glad to hear you kicked some bully ass goop, good job, I'm glad for you.
  6. One who listens..

    One who listens.. Well-Known Member

    Goop my story is similar to yours. Except i`m 5 foot 7, and a scrawny weakling. Even so, I took many, many years worth of training, sparred with close friends, learned to fight for the quick win, and when I finally did snap, I haven`t been bothered since.

    I don`t expect anyone here to randomly attack bullies, just defend yourself.
  7. Nozdormu

    Nozdormu Guest

    last time someone tried to bully me I broke his jaw and alot of things happened after that... :(
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