How interesting has your life been?

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considering the circumstances surrounding you, how interesting has your life been?

  1. completely uninteresting, very plain and dull

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  2. mostly uninteresting, but it has been dramatic at times

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  3. It's been pretty interesting, as long as I'm not depressed

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  4. I've been through some unbelievable times

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  1. mortdesinos

    mortdesinos Well-Known Member

    This question is purely aesthetic. No matter how suicidal or depressed you may be right now,
    How interesting, or uninteresting do you feel your life has been up until this point?
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  2. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Interesting to me and probably no one else.
  3. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    Nothing bland, and I suspect it's going to become more interesting even while depressed.
  4. requiem46

    requiem46 Active Member

    Actually, as much as it may suck, it has beenpretty damn interesting. I swear weird stuff and people are drawn to me like insects to a lightbulb at night time :unsure:
  5. wastedmylife

    wastedmylife Well-Known Member

    if you consider interesting basically one giant nightmare, then yea my life has been interesting though I describe it more like hell
  6. bleach

    bleach Well-Known Member

    Super boring. I have social problems.
  7. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    I have those too. That's part of what makes my life exciting - awkward situations with hilarious hijinks ensuing. It's a lot like a sitcom.
  8. Bob26003

    Bob26003 Well-Known Member

    I been rollin down the road tryin to loosten my load, got 16 Women by my side............

    Well if I stay here with you Girlllllllllll, Things just wouldn't be the saAmeeee.........
  9. mortdesinos

    mortdesinos Well-Known Member

    Tuesday's Gone is better, one of the best..

    And are you talking of that women trying to sell you magazines?
  10. HappyAZaClaM

    HappyAZaClaM Guest

    completely misdirected. wasted. all for naught. a complete wank.
    if I want any kind of a life at all, I have to start over from scratch and
    completely abandon all previous memories of my life thus far.

    it's been interesting. but it has left me extremely bitter and filled with
    hate and rage. the more isolated from society I can be, the better.

    put simply, looking back, I hated every fucking second of it right up until
    right now. I will hate this in 10 seconds.

    mine is a life that should end, or be started completely anew with no
    preconceived horsehit whatsoever

    also, it's been really fuckin dreary.
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  11. HappyAZaClaM

    HappyAZaClaM Guest

    forgot your meds today? the nice doctor will be unhappy
  12. XXXXX

    XXXXX Antiquities Friend


    I really loved my self destructive period (20 odd years :tongue:) - but have just run out of energy these past few years........

    The stories I could tell. If only I could remember :rolleyes:
  13. HappyAZaClaM

    HappyAZaClaM Guest

    like anybody really gives a rat fuck in hell, including me. fuck it all.
    life is a piece of shit. that's all it's ever been
  14. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    My life has been relatively peaceful and unintersting, and that's how I like it. :smile:
  15. Spikey

    Spikey Senior Member

    Good thread.
    Mine's been v interesting.. bad times have been very bad.. good times have been so great.. The good makes for good conversation for giggles.
  16. Bonster

    Bonster Member

    Considering that "May you live in interesting times" is an ancient Chinese curse, yeah, I'd say I have lived an interesting life. Right now, and for the past year, things have been tame. That doesn't mean I am not still coping with the aftermath of all the crap from the previous 37 yrs of my life. If my mother had had an abortion, I would be much more pleased. If someone had dashed my baby brains out on a rock, or strangled me at birth, things would be much better. I hate being a human and a member of a species that sucks like the event horizon of a black hole. Puppies and kitties are wonderful. Babies are fun and easy to love. Adult humans suck the high hard one, as do so many teenage humans.
  17. bleach

    bleach Well-Known Member

    Then they aren't problems.. :rolleyes:
  18. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    The hell they aren't problems. It usually takes a couple years [decades, even] until I find them hilarious.

    And, "May you live an interesting life" may be a curse, but there's not much point living a boring existence.
  19. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    Interesting to some and not to others I imagine. There is a lot of history there if nothing else.
  20. LenaLunacy

    LenaLunacy Well-Known Member

    When i'm not depressed, i can have some very interesting and, for the most part, enjoyable times. But if i'm depressed its all completely uninteresting.
    I believe my life to be pointless anyway, despite the fact that there are interesting times in my life occasionly :/
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