How is death like?

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  1. The time is getting closer,everything is hopeless so i got out of prison a few months ago and im on probation.I'm living with my sister and her boyfriend lately they assume anything that happens bad in the house is because of me so they call it"convict"way personally im sick of this bullcrap and i have no where else to go.So im thinking about going back to the streets and calling my life to end,only problem is i some what fear death.But im at a point where ending my life seems like the last choice,i been to prison once which took my whole reason to exist and it seems like i cant get a girlfriend aswell.I told my other this,she cried but honestly i dont care im fed up,its time to call it quits.
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    Hi Someguy. Have you told your sister and her boyfriend how they make you feel. Maybe a serious discussion with them would get them to back off a bit. Have you been out of prison very long. I don't really know anything about it, but I would imagine it would take a while to rebuild your life. I hope you will give yourself a chance to do so. I have found that very few people really want to end their life. They just want it to be better. Please stay with us and give yourself a chance to make things better.
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    buddy my freind at work just got out of jail for stabbing someone in the throat during a robbery. Now hes out making 2000$ a week with us on the road. Theres plenty of jobs willing to hire guys fresh out the pen if having money and a girl are your main concerns youll be fine. As long as your a good worker you can make good money which usually results in girlfreind opportunitys.
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    Apply for position of ariel technician/ tower rigger at various companys in your area. You dont even need a drivers license for some companys. Its a hard, dangerous job but if your tough youll be ok. You may not be home much, usually road trips are a minimum of 6 weeks. Ive done as long as 6 months straight without going home.