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How is it done?

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Welcome to the forum. Suicide is not painless... but that said, this is a prolife site... no methods given out here. Instead do you wanna talk about why you feel you should commit suicide?



An answer you won't find here. www.suicideforum.com is a support forum, pro life. We won't give out methods but we will listen to you and anything you'd like to say and if we can, we'll offer advice to overcome any problems you might have.

Alot of members here do and have felt like you do now.


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Hi JayMickKingsville,

Welcome to the forum.we dont give out any methods here at all and any replies with methods would be deleted anyway.we are a pro-ife site.There is no painless way to commit suicide.you may see dying as a way to end youre suffering but dying is a very painful and sometimes nauseating act.it is a horrible experience to go through.we are here to listen,be a sounding board,be a friend,etc. I dont know what has led you to feel this way. however allot of us have come here feeling the same way. we are here to help support each other and perhaps guide each other towards one day maybe selecting life instead of death. Youre statement sounds allot like the way i felt when i found this site. however having friends to lean on helps.we are hear to listen.I know its hard to accept especially when you are this down but maybe letting it all out accepting our support will help.


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-_- well do not ask here. I have searched the net and found many websites documenting the ups and downs of each different method of suicide. But that is all I am going to say. I have probably over stepped my boundaries as it stands

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What is the easiest and least painful way to commit suicide?

I too have thought about this alot and did a lot of searching. truth is, there is no good way. There are problems with almost every method. There's always a chance of a lot of pain and worst of all, it may not succeed but still leave you mamed,sick, disfigured but still alive.
This is a Pro-Life site. I hope you decide to stick around and find other options then the permanent one you are talking about. Hang in there hun. Take care, :hug: :hug:


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when i had tried to find such details my post got blocked and i got a warning. and mine wasmuch more indirect than this. even then this has not got banned ! how come?
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