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how is this god's plan for me?

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i don't understand why god makes us go through these things. we go through so much and the pain just gets so unbearable we start to think that killing ourselves is the way to a better place like heaven or w/e you believe in
some say hell... but w/e.

if god wanted us to go through it wouldn't he try to make things better so we don't kill ourselves?

i don't know.. what are your thoughts... because i think if god is listening he should just kill of the people that want to die as a favor for us


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According to the main stream Christian belief God doesn't get involved. God neither wants us to suffer or prevents us from suffering. He leaves people to live there own lives, to make of it what they will, and to accept the good and the bad.


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I am beginning to question if there even is a God. I am a Christian, but lately I am suicidal. What kind of all-loving, all-caring God allows us to go thru this. I want to kill myself every chance I get to thinking about it. Now why would God allow me to do something like that if He truly is who they say He is?

And the end result to suicide is eternity in Hell. At least that is what I think. To be perfectly honest, the thought of Hell is the only thing keeping me alive right now...


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I think our life should be our own responsibility and not worry about what god or another being of some sort can do for us. I don't know about anyone else but I wouldnt want to put my problems on someone else id rather accept they are mine to deal with and not expect anything.

what is god and why should we expect god to live and serve us and ease our suffering and take care of us. why would god be so different to us.

that should be our job to do that and take care of ourself and we should be free to help others as we wish. Just as god should be free to do what god wants.

That's how I see it anyway.


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Struggling is where we learn how much we are capable of,

Each person struggles in their own way,

Being an engineer in training, i do not really believe in God however i still pray to him when i get paranoid something is after me,

But I would say God forces us to do nothing, he makes us do nothing, we have the "choice" to live how we want to, we can go to the doctor if we choose and get some kind of drug that makes our moods better, if we wanted to have better moods,

though as a scientist i also believe the Newtonian mechanics, everything can be governed by a set of equations, there is no such thing as free will, we feel we can choose to do anythign we want, but in my view it is all predetermined, by the current chemicals in our brain, the food we will be eating the medicine we will be taking, the way people act, we just respond to a set of given inputs, however most people will disagree with me,


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Well the bible says god will not put on us, more than we can bare. Where's the reasoning in that? The fact that our lives are planned out for us through god, before we are ever born. I am sorry, I love god, but I do not agree with people having to suffer, and I do look at him as being responsible. He knows my confusion, he knows everything. He knows I don't want to feel this way. I have lack of choice for my suffering, since I cannot cure diseases.


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I think I envy those who don't believe in god.

But my opinion is that there is some sense in all this happening.
Think about it, if we can learn how to cope with all,
and with all that we understood about ourselves and about life and people
we could help so many, even if by simply understanding them, knowing what
they need only because we've been there.

If only
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