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How is your relationship with your family?


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my parents only cared about my successes whether it was something I wanted or not so they had something to brag about in an otherwise poor community where people didn't have many luxuries. they cut me off when I dropped out of school doing subjects they wanted me to do and enrolled somewhere else doing something I love - that I'm still doing 10 years later. I got some successes/publishes from this along the way that they can share etc so they'll speak to me now - as long as it's about what I'm doing.

basically, not an excellent relationship hah. they're not bad people, they just had a child they didn't really want (my older siblings (who are boys) seem fine and don't have their expectations put on them from what I can see, but me, meh. I don't see anyone from my family now really and if I do, it's just out of courtesy.
my father left me when i was 4 so not too good i think, my mother is abusive since i can remember and i genuinely hate her and i hope something bad happens to her, i have 3siblings and all of them (including me) inherited all her horrible character traits so everyone is always yelling and throwing things (I'm more of a quiet type, but they're definitely not). everyone in my house is super toxic and i cant even escape or have any privacy because only my mother has her own room. when i finally leave this place i know for sure that i wont walk to anyone in this house :-/ but my auntie is pretty cool tho! i like her


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My parents wanted another son so I was sort of rejected from the start. Their relationship was awful, my mother was the trophy wife while he was constantly out shagging anything in a short skirt. I don't really have many childhood memories of him as he was never at home. I think my mother blamed me for his behaviour - if I'd been a boy he'd have been home more. She was physically and emotionally abusive. I grew up constantly being told I was ugly, inferior, nobody would ever love me. My older brother was the golden child, he could do no wrong, was showered with love and affection. Luckily it didn't go to his head. He is a genuinely lovely person and I absolutely adore him. He's lived halfway across the world for 30 years now so I don't see as much of him as I'd like but we speak on the phone a couple of times a week.

My father finally left my mother for his young secretary (how cliché was that?) when I was 14. My mother remarried when I was 17 to the most wonderful man. He was kind, affectionate, funny - everything I wish my own father had been. He died two years later. I found his body in the garden where he'd been gardening. We'd only been talking to him a few minutes before. He'd had a massive heart attack. It totally broke us as a family, my brother moved abroad and I ran headfirst into a marriage at 21 knowing it was the wrong thing to do but needing to escape my current situation. Amazingly we're still together 30 years later but not happily. We've got two grown up children who are just the most fabulous human beings.

I finally cut off contact with my father nearly four years ago. He's everything I hate in a person - racist, homophobic and sexist. I don't hate him, just what he stands for. He's my father, I don't want him to suffer but I also don't want to have to listen to his bs any more.

My mother followed us when we moved away and lives a five minute walk from our house. She's now in her 80s and expects me to be at her beck and call 24 hours a day. With my brother so far away, I'm all she's got and she's happy to play on that. I'd love to move away but that would be cruel to her and the guilt would kill me.


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My parents divorced when I was 8 so my dad could keep screwing his also married employee, who they both divorced their spouses, destroyed two families, and cemented their affair in a sham marriage. Mom is as crazy as me and my brother is a soulless yuppy like my dad. I don’t hate them but I pity them and the amount of their lives they’ve wasted so far.


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I fucking hate my parents but my dad is okay sometimes. I am closer to my aunts and my 3rd and 4th younger brothers, they’re okay. I have successfully cut ties with my 2nd younger brother, haven’t spoken or seen him in years which I felt great about that! I wanted to also cut ties with my mum next but my doctors/therapist doesn’t allow so that plan goes down the drain. Also me and my cousins are almost like bffs whenever we meet to hang out, I just don’t share lots of personal stuffs with em.

I’m more closer to my big sisters. Me and them kept having on and off fights though. 😹
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I never see my uncle and there's things that happened that split the family for a while. But I guess we get along alright. I rarely see my sister but get along with her fine. My nephew is great, and I think my mom is just disappointed in me sometimes. Or maybe that's a result of her drunken ramblings. I have a lot of cousins and such, some I've probably never even met. I keep in touch with some on Facebook but never really spend time with anyone.


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My family is quite good, but we are distant, not really close and not much in common so even when we get together as a family there is a short period of how have you been and then we all mostly do as we feel like. I am just as happy sitting on the sitting thinking.


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Complicated is the only real answer here, I don't hate them or dislike them and we get along moderately well but they have never really understood me and when I was a child the relationship was physically and emotionally abusive, that being said it's not like I particularly hold it against them but I'm sure it's a huge part of the reason why I'm so emotionally distant in general.

To be honest it's more rocky lately, I'm personally not very interested in pursuing romantic relationships as while I do find them intriguing from a philosophical and analytical standpoint I'm very much asexual as I don't really feel sexual attraction towards anyone, the problem is that since my older sister and my younger brother are openly gay, and my older brother is unemployed and still living with them, since I'm both considered physically attractive and independent they see me as the only hope for getting grandchildren which is something I really don't want, but lately they have been pressuring me a lot to the point offering to arrange a marriage which feels really invasive and annoying to me, especially since I'm not even particularly old, hell I'm much younger than they were when they got married, and we kinda got into a huge fight yesterday over it so yeah not great.

That being said I don't hate them at all, they're far from perfect but you know they haven't really been that bad either, it's more that I'm annoyed because well they want me to do something I don't want to do and while I can understand their frustration I don't want to do that, and much less with a stranger, it's not like I haven't tried I've been with both men and women but that kind of lifestyle just isn't for me and it's just stressful to be pushed into that role.

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