How it feels to be ignored *trigger warning for SH

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    I go through life like a shadow. A ghost in the machine. And the other ghosts are my friends. And when my friends don't speak with me I want to cut.

    I don't know why this is. Is it attention seeking behavior? Is it low self-esteem? Or is it just self pity?

    I don't know anymore.

    I just know that people are hurtful creatures. They say they care but only when it is convenient for them to do so. Maybe thats harsh but thats how I see it.

    I think I have an appointment with a razor blade this afternoon.

  2. total eclipse

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    TK don't harm yourself please hun yes people can be very hurtful i do understand that all the more reason to be kind to yourself ok you be kind to you
    sending you hugs ok know we care abt you here we do hugs
  3. snogo

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    Hi, I'm not sure about the real reasons. It could be all 3. If you have yet to seek professional help, please do so. If you have, please hold on and continue to reach out to people who would listen. Like us, for example. ^^

    I have been ignored or slighted in almost every social situation. It hurts really, even if I try to tell myself it doesn't. On the other hand, I wonder about this - when you say that about people, does it apply to yourself as well? Do you care only when it is convenient for you to do so? I hope not.
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    :hug: Texaskitty
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    sorry angie :hug: