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how long are you going to live


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first of all i'm surprised i made it this far. i was very wild and reckless before i got married.
well i looked up my expectancy and it said until 73. so i should live until 2030. i'm thinking of making changes to make it until 2037. but i would like to make it until may 3 2037 so i can see my 100th bday lol...mike


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West coaster here so I will probably go from a wildfire, earthquake or too many tacos within the next 3 years. Am I doing this right?
i googled a life expectancy survey. it's fun but not accurate.
but i like the idea of going from too many tacos lol...mike...*hug*shake


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Aside from my deciding, I am surprised I have lived this long considering family medical history. I have already lived 13 years longer than my dad and most died fairly young from natural causes on both sides of the family. On average I would say I have 10 perhaps 15 years based on most things in those life expectancies from both sides.


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I was at 84... but I clicked use drugs recreationally and it brought my life expectancy down to 76. who knew marijuana could be so dangerous. so I guess I'll get to see 2068...
Ahhh 😌 I see, I have seen the error of your, or mistake in . . . (See! Now: whatcha’ gotta do - is, be more professional in your expedition s, shall we call them, kindly? Kind senorita~!•*)_(^; —your humble servant^


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The odds are in my favour I guess, my average is like 87-93 years... that's a lot of years left. *facepalm My only weakness is I put 0 for any physical activity, but then they tell me it would only add 1-2 years. That really doesn't seem like it's worth it, now I don't want to exercise ever again. :D
I got both diabetes and heart diseases running in my family and I'm doing my best to avoid these, but who knows... One can only try to minimize the risk, eh.
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I came up to 90 years old. About when my money runs out. But my parents never got past 82. But I hope to be healthy and active. Otherwise it is not worth it. Even being loved, my physical health will probably dictate my emotional state.


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this is a fun thread to predict how long you are going to live until you go from natural causes. no dates for suicide or prediction of accident. just google for a life expectancy forecast and estimate your time. you can also think of ways to exceed that date. remember please keep it light and fun
Umm lol. I am suicidal. How can I be light and fun about death? Smiles.

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