How long before contacting friend who has estranged

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    I have been talking to a friend for a while. Our relationships is strictly online however it has been somewhat of a distraction for the both of us that we sort of became somewhat friends in that way. However lately there may have been some things i said that may have gotten the person angry. I can't believe we have been online friends for a long time even spoke on the phone before, and then only to be dropped, shut out just like that.

    I have apologized but the person never responded. I tried finding them and saw they have facebook, but they didn't add me. How long can I wait for things to settle before contacting them again? Is there a likely chance they will forgive me?
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    I know all too well how you feel. I wish I knew the answers to your questions. I'm not even sure there's a time frame. I guess, as painful as it is, all you can do is reach out and make the initial contact, even contact them again a few weeks or a month later. But the hardest part is waiting, not knowing what's going to happen.