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How long can i do this?

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I've mentioned in another post that I'm not sleeping, getting 4-5ish hours a night, and I only get the chance to catch up occasionaly... So how long can I do this for? At the moment I'm seeing no ill effects at all! (unless the depression is being brought on by the lack of sleep and not vice versa)

So.. how long can I live like this without something going wrong? And how long until I'm officially classed as an insomniac?... Got a little set of mental problems right now, trying to build a profile :laugh:


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Hey! Right off the bat I'm going to say that I'm new here...

Anyway, I'm in the same boat as you...
For me....I can go about a month sleeping 2 or 3 hours only a night.
Some ill effects that you might start seeing is depression, voices, and/or hallucinations...
At least that's what happenss for me...

After one month, I just kinda collapse. Mentally and physically...It's a total shut down...
Id say im not sure , but if it helps im like syiah , i can do 4 hours a night for a month or two, then i start feeling down, get headaches and eventually just collapse and sleep for 24 hours solid, apparently im un-wakble when i do that.

ah well , hope you dont start seeing negative effects, no sleep can do some weird things..

What the others have posted is correct. You can go short periods of time with little sleep before it starts to effect your well being. Depression can be caused by lack of sleep and depression can cause lack of sleep. Hallucinations and voices can occur if you go too long. I have been battling this for over a year now. I may go several days with noe sleep at all and then a long string with 2-3 hors. f I sleep 4 hours I feel as if I have slept around the clock. Sleep apnea can also cause lack of sleep. I would suggest if this continues to have the problem checked out.
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