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How Long Can I Fake It

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I'm trying to lie to myself and tell me I'm over my old habbits
Over my old thoughts
Mostly that I'm over him
First loves never die
and this one is fucking killing me
He has his life together
he is going to the airforce
and I'm sitting in this shitty fucking town
a fucking high school drop out
with fucking nothing
I Am worthless
Not even he loves me anymore
He told me to get over myself today
So I will I'll get over life
I'll let everyone move on from me
I can't lie to myself or anyone else anymore
My meds don't work
I'm fucking depressed
I can't make myself smile anymore when I want to fucking cry
I want to be in his arms
I want to feel somewhat important
but I'm Fucking Worthless
hun i know its hard. and it probably feels like you will never get over him, but eventually you will. it will just take a while yet. I strongly suggest that you talk to your P'doc about you're meds, if youre still taking them, they may even be making it worse. just try to hold on. maybe get enrolled in a GED program?
anyway, here if you wanna talk.

- kurt
thank you its nice to have someone that actually talks back to me...I feel so ignored where I am
I am looking into my ged but My mom isn't willing to go with me alot of the time
I don't understand it
why is my future not important just because I dropped out...I Hate feeling like this
I feel bad that I'm so whiney

I suck at life
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