How long did it takes for you to get over your first Break Up?

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by boo, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. boo

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    They always say that the first break up is the hardest. Some people think that it’s more difficult to do the breaking, while others would rather end it themselves. What's your case? Did you find someone to "Rebound" back to? How long did it took you to get over it?

    At first it was pure hell. I was in auto-destruction mode. Everything reminded me of her. Took me two years and some dust. I'm still hurting bad, but having found someone now kinda give me hope.
  2. suzy

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    How long Break Up? my answer a while

    sadly it usually takes me quite a while

    which is sort of a cliche

    hey, almost every time feels pretty difficult

    i am always glad for anything that doesnt end up that way

    i dont (my personal rule to deal with my breakups) have people in place for a new relationship before the 1st relationship is over

    my problem is time..i like to have time and not tell some "new" person all about the "bad" things with the last person....

    i find it makes me feel like the "new" person i will only want as a friend and even then not a long time person in my is important i cant build it on the "ashes" of some other relationship

    ~{ Boo - thanks for the topic }~
  3. boo

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    No problem Suzy! It's part of helping SF'ers out :D
  4. TerrapinStation

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    Here's the thing. A persons FIRST breakup is usually in high school, a time of life where relationships are not meant to be permanent. I don't remember the names of half the girls I dated in high school. But, 15 years has passed since then. At the time it feels like the worst pain imaginable etc etc.
    The worst pain is when you're generally in your mid-to-late twenties/early thirties and you're in a serious relationship (like serious to the point of engagement, setting wedding dates, naming nonexistent children etc) and THAT relationship breaks up because the other party couldn't keep her/his pants on when you weren't around. Then they still want to be your friend, so you have to meet their new boyfriend and not kill him, and all sorts of just horrifying shit.
  5. Rayne

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    My first break up was when i was about 13 or 14. I wasn't that into him in the first place, i was the one who ended things so i didn't find it even slightly difficult.

    I understand there's a difference, though. If my current relationship ended, i honestly dont think i'd ever get over it.

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