How long do I need to stay on meds?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by trinisty, Mar 9, 2015.

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    Hello guys! Yup, it's me again...

    So finally, I've met my psychiatrist today because of a terrible events that almost slain my soul yesterday on Sunday night. I know that I should do something with myself, and I don't want to be like this forever. I just took my Lorazepam, and I kinda feel great. I feel like I can control my anxiety a little bit.

    It made me wonder, how long should I continue eating medicine? I mean, I'm not bothered by it, but just to make sure. Is it for a long time like 6 months or maybe years? Is my anxiety disorder will be cured and I will be normal once again?
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    What is normal really but only you and your doctor can decide when it is time for you to either decrease your medication or wean you off it totally sometimes when you are able to take therapy along with the medication this too can affect how long medication is needed
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    This type of questions should be asked when you're talking to your pdoc.
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    It really is impossible to answer your question because we are all different, we all react differently to medications, some of us become dependent on them. I take valium, a high dose and have been on it a few years, before that it was xanax, so for me it's long term. My anxiety still affects me but I am doing much better on them than not. Don't know how much longer I will be on them but I hope the need for them goes away, right now they are a godsend but in reality I would love to be medication free. Hopefully one day I will be and you too :) Don't forget these medications are highly addictive so be careful my friend and if you need any help we're here.