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How long does <edit> OD usually take to kill you?

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i took like <mod edit: Malcontent - amount> and im still alive.... The only effects ive been having is that im just a little drowsy most of the time
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You'll just end up getting banned asking questions like that my friend.
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I'm sorry, you can't post the amount and what you took here. Other people might copy you. How long ago did you take them? I'd go to the hospital and get checked out if you start to feel any worse. Especially if you start to feel sick or feverish. What you took can cause a very painful death, please get checked out by a doctor.


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i might be able to do some research for you, but you'll have to PM me and tell me what you took since it's been modded out now. Tho I'd rather help you stay alive than help you kill yourself.
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