How long for overdose to clear system?

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by culb, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. culb

    culb New Member

    Four days ago, I made a mistake and took an overdose <Mod edit - Acy - Methods> I still feel nausous, have a sore throat and am less focused.

    How long does it take the overdose to clear my system? I'm scared to call poison control because I don't want anyone to know what I did, especially my husband.
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  2. *sparkle*

    *sparkle* Staff Alumni

    hey :) welcome to SF

    nobody here is qualified to tell you what damage you might or might not have done to yourself, and i strongly suggest that you do ring poison control or your doc or at least some kind of professional to check things out. i can appreciate that you don't want your husband to know, but what is more important right now is to make sure that you are okay.

    if you want to talk about what brought you to do this in the first place we are here to listen and offer support :hug:
  3. 1victor

    1victor Well-Known Member

    How do you know?

    Anyways, if you took some kind of medicine it is probably has side effects mentioned on the bottle. Also, you can do some research on the net about those side effects and how to fight them.
    Basically, all it comes to the fact that you have to get rid of the harmful substance in your body as fast as you can. The best method would be ion-therapy. Cost in the states is around $40-55 per session. You need 4 to 10 sessions. You should have a session every other day.
    As soon as you feel ok you can stop doing it.
    Some info:
    Also, you have to start some detox diet at the same time.
    Do not forget to double your vitamins.

    Good luck
  4. culb

    culb New Member

    Thanks for the replies. I thought perhaps someone might have some tips based on their own experience. I haven't found info on the net that discusses what to counter with, and I know the only way to be certain is to contact poison control or see my doctor.

    I'm just scared of the other consequences at the moment. Just don't feel like I can deal with my family knowing yet or the potential of having to disrupt my job.

    Does anyone know if I call poison control if they will give information without the possibility of them contacting authorities?
  5. culb

    culb New Member

    Thanks 1Victor for the tips. I've been trying to drink extra water, and didn't think about trying a detox. That makes sense. thanks!
  6. 1victor

    1victor Well-Known Member

    You are very welcome,
    I urge you to try erchonia "foot bath".
    The results are amazing.

  7. Ignored

    Ignored Staff Alumni

    What Sparkle was trying to say is that sf cannot and will not take responsibility for giving advice over something as serious as an overdose. They will always advise you to get professional help. Let's face it we might give advice in good faith which delays you getting treatment and ultimately you could become very ill or die. It is always best to get real life help where you are rather than seeking advice from us and any overdose is potentially a fatal overdose.
  8. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    God yes tell your doctor what you took or go to a walk in clinic phone poison control. call emergency you will need blood work done to see if there was damage done to any organs live kidney etc. The only way to find that out is through getting professional help. Don't screw around like this and find out later just how much damage you did.
  9. culb

    culb New Member

    Yes, I understand the liability issues as well as good intentions that may not pan out as intended.

    Does anyone know if I call poison control, will they contact authorities? I'm actually beginning to feel better this afternoon and am thinking I may have gotten past the worse of it.

    It was a stupid thing to do, was rash and I think my depression due to my really low vitamin D levels contributed to it. I do intend on finding a psychatrist, but I don't want to put my family through knowing what happened last weekend.
  10. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    no poison control will not call authorities they will just give you information you need take care of you okay
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