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How long has everyone been like this?

Wow....20 years...how do you do it. I have ‘only’ been this way for 3 years and I am ready to call it a day. Have meds helped you?
Meds and therapy have made it manageable. Sleeping a lot during my free time too, and telling myself morbid things like “well, I’m another day closer to death.“ I tapered completely off my antidepressant early this year to see how I’d do and had to go back on it. I’m now thinking I’ll be needing it for the rest of my life.


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15 years for me.

I relate to this. There were times in my life where I felt really good and other times where I had to constantly battle suicidal ideation. Lately I've just been kind of keeping it at bay but it continues to lurk around.
I’ve learned to sit on negative thoughts and just accept it, we can’t be too happy all the time. Nobody is. 😹


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Since the day before yesterday! . ; ) —(no!) in all seriousness: I really can’t remember, what it is, I was going to say. . . (In the time it took to log-in & find this again, I - ?) trust me; I really did have something worthwhile & point making to say (I think, anyway...) which I s why I’m going to still leave this here anyways // lest I remember to forget later on; or is it forget to remember... forget to forget?? Ohhh im all kinds of confused right now (not much more than a single drop of water will do that to you ! : )))____.~^•*>!,’~< -
That was an excellent idea. The one time I attempted, years ago, I probably wouldn't have had the means not been right there with me.vthe ideation may go on for years and years, but the act itself seems to usually be quick and impulsive.
I've already got my preferred method picked out, but it would take me several hours at least and perhaps up to a day to gather all the materials needed, and that time might make all the difference, either to change my mind or to be sure I really mean it.


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I have never been suicidal as such although I do have methods planned if I decide to, but I have never really enjoyed life or wanted to live. I have never seen any point to my existence.

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