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how long is too late to get medical attention after an OD?

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I recently took some tablets and I'm wondering how long it takes for the drugs to absorb into your system? Once it is in your system then, there isn't much any reason to go to the doctors, all they can possible do is check the damage. So i'm wondering what is the time frame where you can get medical attention?


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You still have time, get to the hospital, they most likely will give you a charcoal liquid to drink which will help absorb the toxins.

wild rabbit

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what did you take? This is important. somethings you can feel fine after taking yet they still harm you. take the packet with you when you go for help xx


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they can fix it up to 72 hours after but the longer you leave it the worse it will be for them to fix if its longer than 24 hours its IV drips and lots of pain least it was for me.
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