How long?

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    I've spent most of my day today reading through this forum. I see that a lot of people say "it won't always be like this" "this WILL get better"

    My question is how long? How damn long does it take to see something, to have something to look forward to? It's been going on four years of my life being a miserable living hell. I've very little strength left, I'm so tired. I'm so tired of being so damn tired. I need a break, something has to give. This lapping wave of desperation is taking over my every thought. I'm so overwhelmed and excited. How long can I continue this?
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    HOpe you have support hun talk to your gp or pdoc get meds changed around a bit so youare not so down so tired It takes awhile yes but you are worth the fight
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    I'm sorry you've been having such a hard time. It can take a while for things to change the way we want. If things in our past are part of our troubles today, it's reasonable that if it took a while to develop, it could take a while to undo. In the meantime, finding little things that we enjoy or that make us smile, and looking forward to those things can help us get through the longer efforts for the bigger changes.

    Perhaps just doing things, even if you don't "feel like" doing them could help. Sometimes we don't think we'll have a good time, but end up having a much better time than we expected. When we're at rock bottom, the only way is up, so trying is worth it.

    Stay in touch with us here. You'll get lots of support and maybe knowing that others feel similar things will help, too. Thinking of you. :hug: