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    How long can you hold onto anger, hate, sadness, grief?

    All of you, every last one of you needs to learn to forgive.

    Forgive those who hurt you, they're weak.

    Forgive those who mock you, they're weak.

    Forgive yourself, you're strong, stronger than you can imagine.

    I used to think I was an outcast, strange and maybe I am, but you know what else I am? I'm good. I am kindhearted, I am patient, I can love without holding anything back, I am creative and smart and I love art and writing.

    Being, what others expect us to be, isnt normal, its weird, what could be stranger than not being yourself?

    For those of you who say 'i hate myself, there isnt anything great about me', you need time, time to find your real selves. People go an entire life without learning the first thing about themselves.
    Living superficial lives, there is more than that.

    But no matter what you do with your life, remember one thing.

    No one makes us do anything.
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    Just wanted to say I agree with your post, well said!! :)
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    Thank you.

    Many of you may think 'you dont know what I am going through' or 'you dont understand', perhaps I dont. You see, no matter how many of us have gone through similar situations, we're each our own person and must handle our own lives and hardships, by ourselves.
    The burden is truly ours to bare alone, but it doesnt make it any heavier.
    We each have the ability to overcome a great deal, by ourselves.
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    You are so right that life is a very alone journey and that forgiveness releases us from the burden of what was done to us...I have struggled my entire adult life to try to forgive my parents for the horrific things that were done to me...they are dead and I still suffer the after-effects of their acts...I truly do ask each day to forgive them...thanks for sharing this, J