How many attempts have you had?

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I myself have had 28 that I can count and I have been trying since I was seven. <Mod Edit-*music*-Methods>

But anyway.
Enough about me.
How about you?

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i cant even fathom the number, a lot of my attempts were when i was young too- always an od, but i never picked the right drug i suppose, as my parents never even knew and i never went to the hospital til last year cause of it


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Only really one that I actually followed through on. There have been a few other times where I would prepare for an attempt but not follow through on it but only the one where I actually took all the steps to take my own life.

Michael Ayin

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I figure once I actually do decide I have lived long enough that the method will be (assuredly) most permanent.

I haven't been hospitalized for any flirtations with attempts, but I'm surprised that during the time drank heavily I didn't die of alcohol poisoning. That's how thick it got. I'm surprised I'm here now writing this.

There was a period I could have drank myself to death. Now that I rarely drink that probably wouldn't happen, but recently I did have an experience where I thought I may not get up for good. It wasn't even on purpose. Maybe it's a subconscious thing. I don't know.


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I don't mean to sound harsh or insensitive, but for those of you with anything over ten really. Were these really genuine suicide attempts?


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mine were all od, and well, when you od at a young age, while living at home, i would just od on what i could find...we didnt have anything that would legit kill me i guess, but im pretty sure my livers in rough shape
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