How many drugs have tried do to failure of anti-depressants?

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by greatergood, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. greatergood

    greatergood New Member

    I'm 25 and i've been depressed for 10+ years but am new to this forum because my drug use and depression has been causing me problems with my relationships. I would just like to use this thread to share my experiences and ask others to share thiers about recreational drug use due to failure to traditional SSRIs and CBT. I started off using LSD and MDMA oddly enough because i've read a lot of people say that they have caused life changing experiences. Not to say that this isn't true for some people with normal working brains but for people with brain chemistry issues this was clearly false for me as I began using it as an escape and became briefly delusional with the new age thinking. It soon became a search for any good feelings at all. I started using alcohol,benzos, and my favorite opiates to try to compensate for the lack of success of medication and therapy. Please share your experiences. I'm particularly interested in people trying to medicate with psychedelics and disassociates like ketamine as these are rarely discussed in my experience on messageboards. Thanks for reading.
  2. myndsplyntur

    myndsplyntur New Member

    I'm 29 and have been depressed for about 15+/- years. Currently I'm taking Lexapro, which seemed to be working pretty well when used in combination with Wellbutrin, but the psych took me off Wellbutrin a few days ago and now I'm feeling the same ole' bullshit.

    When I was 15 I started smoking weed, not regularly but enough. From 18-20 I spent those years in a drug induced stupor for most days. I started off small, with not even real drugs... just started with those caffeine pills. To get me feeling more uplifted, more engaged. From there, I moved to ecstasy. God... I loved this drug. At first, it was for fun and at first I did have those life changing thoughts, feelings, emotions. How amazing to feel like I was loved, and to feel like loving, and to feel part of a group, of something bigger than myself. But, I soon became dependent upon those feelings the drug created, moreso than the insight gained from its use. That is what the problem is... not our brains, but our dependence. Our need to escape. While still using ecstasy from time to time, I moved into supplementing the ecstasy with acid (candy flipping). Only did this a few times before I became tired of it and moved to shrooms. Shroooms.... ah such a wonderful escapist experience. The thing I remember with shrooms is not feeling much of anything at all, but visually having a great time.

    As I became more and more dependent on the drugs to feel better, alive, etc... I started to use meth. Meth made me extremely confident, very alert and awake, talkative, outgoing... all the things I normally was not. Needless to say, with this drug, everything ended really really badly... I have been drug free now for almost ten years, save for an occassional joint here and there.

    The drugs are a temporary solution that ultimately cause more harm than good.
  3. greatergood

    greatergood New Member

    I didn't mean to imply that drugs are a permanent solution. At best I got 1 week of relief from an LSD trip that was quickly destroyed and I was in a worse position afterwards. I just wanted to see if there were other people like me who have tried shady methods for relief when the legal methods have not worked. I hope to one day be able to live without illegal drugs personally but it is quite the struggle. :/
  4. Israel Regardie

    Israel Regardie Active Member

    I started using opiates, heroin, because they did All the things antidepressants were supposed to do: They increased my mood. Masked my problems. Made me able to go to therapy and deal with things. And, in general, increased mood so as to work on issues. This is what SSRI's are supposed to do, but rarely do. And also, SSRI's create withdrawals and addiction as well...
    SSRI's create addiction and withdrawal without any real effect, opiates also create addiction and withdrawals, but they actually work!
    Now I use subutex.
    In fact, subutex is being used to treat depression. More and more, I think. It has some antidepressant properties, and experiments have show its effect on patients who do not respond to traditional antidepressants.

    I really think that severely depressed people, suicidal ones, should be given subutex or similar. It will increase mood and get them through the worst.

    Any thoughts?
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