How may we increase our lifespans? 100+?

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    I thought that this would be a refreshing interesting topic on 'SUICIDE FORUMS' so I thought, why not post it? Anyone have any ideas on how we a human beings may increase our lifespans? I have did research on people who were over 100 years old about how they lived that long. Sure diet and exercise plays a big role. But so does emotional and mental stability. Being happy and working on brain strengthening exercises, and learning new things especially interesting things you love learning. I have wanted to live to be at LEAST 100 years old to break the century mark. Then after that I started seeing all these science ads on how to live to be 120. I got a Popular Science Magazine with an article from BIEHEALTH on this new natural supplement GHR. It supposedly helps you feel and look younger and increase your lifespan up to 130. It helps your bodily systems, organs, blood, brain, etc. Most of my youth was WASTED! It was spent being in agonizing pain, fear, and oppression! I NEED my YOUTH! I NEVER had a YOUTH! And I PROMISE you. If there really are ways or supplements to take to GIVE me my youth and live longer to enjoy my life for the 1st. time I WILL! Besides I know and feel that EVERYONE on this site DESERVES that too! I feel for ALL of you! Please do NOT let your abusers win! Fight for your life! You DESERVE a LONG HAPPY LIFE sweethearts! Please anyone with tips on how to increase lifespans feel more than free and welcome to share? You are all WORTH IT! I PROMISE! :eagerness:
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    Old saying "Youth is wasted on the young...."

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    ? sorry good Sir. but may I please ask what that saying means? I do NOT understand it? Thanks.