How much do meds cost?


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I talked to my therapist today and she really wants me to start on meds, probably 250mg Zoloft. I don't have any insurance, so I would have to pay full cost for the meds. I explained this to my therapist and agreed I would try them and see how they worked, but how much are meds without insurance co-pay? We talked about Zoloft she said she thought it was about $90 U.S. for 30 day supply. Is that about right? Does it depend on dosage such as is 100mg cost less than 250mg? Is there a generic equivalent?


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I am sure there is generic for your meds.
I do not know where you live. That would depend on what you can qualify for.
Without Insurance co-pay would be stiff price I think. Ask around. Some social workers or welfare/state offices know stuff. I was on disability so I had help that way. Government in US will assist some.
Some dr. also have samples that can start you off. It is cheaper to medicate you than hospitalize. ya know.
Look on web for paying for meds or low cost. If you live in Canada it is different too.
Good Luck!!


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I live in the US. I've heard that Canadian meds are a lot cheaper and see a lot of sites advertising to get your meds filled by mail in Canada and mailed to you. Is that legal? I've also found a generic Zoloft called Sertraline. Has anyone switched from Zoloft to Sertraline? Would it be just as good?

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