How much is safe?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by mixedemotions, Jul 2, 2008.

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    So, i suffer from really bad back pain and have now for 20months, (since last january) at times the pain is soo bad that i cant walk or move, but if i sit to long it hurts to much i cry and i cant just lie around all day. So my doctor has me on Codeine Phosphate. i have to take about 180mg a day, alog with paracentamol, ibefrofen and a shit load of other meds for other medical reasons... one being my anti-depressants...

    soo i was just wondering how much of these pain killers i would have to take before it was classed as "dangerous" i dont want to O.D but i just want the pain to go away. i cant go on living like this any way.its really ruining my life, it stops me from doing things that i once used to really enjoy. i hate being like this... i need the pain to stop. i need to be back to "normal" :huh:
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    you should go back to the doctors and see if they can change your dosage. YOu don't want to chance od'ing so the best option is to talk to him/her adn see if you can up the amount.
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    i've tried asking for a higher dosage or a different pain killer but they wont even consider it, as they think ill get addicted. its just bloody stupid. id only take what i needed. they think im some kind of druggy lol.

    but thanks for the advice hun....

    i just want the pain to go away