How much more can I take??????????

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    To start me of I suffer with depression and epilespy. Also I have had enough. I can't take no more of this. I cry all the time and I want to die. I am not sure if I should of posted this in the suicidal feelings post or if I put it in the right place but I had to get it out. I Have had enough of life. I self harm and I am very morbid. People call me an emo and I want everything to end. No one actually likes me. They always pick on me. Everyone would do so much better without me. I can not take much more. :sad:
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    In my experience life forever throws things which makes you weep inside, that never changes. What does however is all the things that happen in between times. I have hurt through things that have happened to me but in between the clouds separate a while and the sun shines and all the hurt you have felt to the very depths of your soul turns to ultimate happiness, at nothing really. It doesn't have to be at anything in particular like a tree or the blue sky. I am in the midst of a big dark cloud but hope that it will clear makes me go on xxxxxxx
  3. Hey there :welcome: to SF, I am sorry you feel so alone and depression and eoliepsy I'm sure is hard to deal with both together. Just know you aren't alone and people will be willing to listen to you anytime and offer suggestions about how you can improve how you feel.

    I see you are from nuneaton, not too far away from me. :smile: