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  1. ZombiePringle

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    Why can't I have a decent day? Why is it somebody always has to do something to ruin it for me. I am not worthless! People need to stop telling me I am! I work hard 5 days a week. I give everything I can to my daughter and support her mother at the same time. Why am I still called worthless...and lazy.... Maybe their right I don't know.
  2. Petal

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    Hey.. :hug:

    You're not worthless, I have no idea why they are calling you such things but you have to learn to ignore it hun, however hard that may be!
  3. ZombiePringle

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    There is days though that I know I'm worthless. I'm really angry that I try to have a good day and it all backfires on me. I always try to be a nice person... I rarely even swear. Its jst so frustrating. I know that it must be true though if people that don't even know each other call me worthless. There has to be some fact to that right?
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    Somebody loved you enough to marry you, is that the sign of a worthless person? You've brought a life into this world, that is an accomplishment, and you seem to have a decent job, where you are in a responsible position managing others, which you achieved by yourself, it wasnt just handed to you, so i guess your employers dont find you worthless, which not many people can claim. I dont know you, but i can see that you are far from worthless.
  5. ZombiePringle

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    wow thank you. But I'm not married yet. And I honestly don't think I will be. We just don't get along like we used to. And lets not forget she's one of the ones that has been calling me worthless.
  6. Aurora Gory Alice

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    I know this might get me shot down. But... Josh have you ever thought of just leaving her? Accepting that it's not working and getting out?
    You can still see your daughter, there's no reason why you shouldn't have access to your child and still continue to love her, support her and be there for her. But maybe not being with her mother/your fiancee who can't seem to say a helpful word to you, will make things a hell of a lot better.
    I don't think this woman or her family are doing your psyche any favours.