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how often do you bathe

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just curious..a friend told me many moons ago about a friend who didnt bathe etc...and the docs purposely looked for self care, so the only times i scrub up is before appointments and now i see them looking me up and down and i just wanna slap them.

i get sms msgs in morning to tell me to brush teeth and wash face at least to go for walk, sometimes i do, sometimes i think...well i wont print it here

does anyone else go through the same or similar?

p.s. i used to shower twice a day!!!


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Lately, I only shower if I'm going out, which is about once a week to see my support worker or pdoc. I'll then get groceries afterward or anything else I might need then go and hide again for another week.


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Sure, it happens, but obviously only when I'm in my own company. I live alone so if I don't want to wash then its easy to say 'what the hell'.

Also shaving, for men, its a kind of sign of how well you feel but sometimes we like to go un-shaved for a few days to get that really close shave that is only possible when you have a bit of bristle.

Right now I need a replacement shower, not got round to it so am stuck with a bath which always seems to me like its wallowing in your own dirt. I always rinse off afterwards with a few jugs of water. To be honest if you are not working then your not likely to be dirty and need a wash every day - but its always best to shower everyday as it makes you feel good.

When I had a shower, it was not unusual to have two showers a day company or not. But a bath it just seems a long drawn out affair - plus I have to wait 20 mins for the heater to work. Twice a week maybe I take the plunge, but wash each day and wash my hair and shave at least every second day.

If I'm going out, I'll wash immaculately, shave close, brush my teeth with electric and normal brush - plus clean my tongue with the attachment, gargle with a well known mouth wash - or another I have for healthy gums. I'll shower for a good twenty minutes sometimes and use some nice smelling shower gel plus head and shoulders shampoo. A couple of sprays of aftershave and I'm good to go. A nice casual short sleeved shirt, casual trousers, shoes or trainers.

I look good under a neon bar light - don't we all!

But if I'm just slouching around, or hanging about with the lads, there's nobody to impress! I like clean clothes, but wear old clothes indoors, comfortable stuff like tracksuit trousers, old tshirt.

going out even to the shops, I'll put on something casual but clean. Depends on the weather.

You always feel better after a nice shower, brush of the teeth and freshly washed hair.

Also, clean clothes!

I guess depression is a big factor with personal hygiene and I've always managed to stay clean , wear a anti antiperspirant and so on. One time I let things go in work and was told by a workmate. I felt bad! But I was glad to actually hear it as I was working all hours, sleeping on the site. When working and sweating a lot you need a wash and change of clothes each day. I had no access at the time for a while. Living a bit rough.

A clean home also makes a happy home! So, if your feeling a little bit down icelady, time to get the spring cleaning done!

I'd say 'keep clean' is a motto I'd love to live up to more. I clean my front steps, the windows and do OK for a single man. I can wash up, wash clothes, almost mastered ironing and have recently learnt that you check the sizes when buying curtains.

Good luck!

Mr Stewart

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Twice a day normally. Three times if I had to do something strenuous or dirty that day.

I get very irritable if I can't follow this schedule for whatever reason. It feels like my whole body is itchy and I'll be in a foul mood the entire time.


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I typically shower every day...but recently ive been saying fuck it a lot. I do have to go to work, so I usually if I need to I'll rinse off in the morning, but I'd barely consider it a shower. I've been trying to at least every other day to do a full shower (wash hair and so on) but it keeps getting more and more difficult...which probably isnt good since i have long hair that needs to be washed regularly
It depends.
In the depths of everything, i went quite long periods of time without showering. I cant honestly tell you how long, it felt like months, but the time i was like that, it felt liek a life time.
It was enough of gaps, for my mother to tell me to shower. And she got quite abusive about it. (theres tactful ways of saying things imo)

and also being supportive to yoru daughter.

But now, i'd shower maybe 2/3times a week.


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Every 3 or 4 days in the winter. In the summer every 2 days.
I hate showering though it just seems like such a hassle and I hate getting wet.
i hate getting wet, too. i don't have a bath in my place, just a shower otherwise i'd be in the tub more regularly. as it is, i try to get into the shower and wash hair, etc. every two days.

when i'm really depressed i can go about 5 days without showering. then i'm at my limit.

it's really a good sign as to how my mental health is going, so i understand why the mental health workers are keeping an eye on my bathing habits.



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everyone smells if they don't bathe!!
sorry but it's true..

I shower everyday and twice if I'm hot and sweaty or I've been somewhere and my OCD has kicked in (germs, dirt, etc.)

when i first met my ex partner he rarely washed and honestly he smelt like a dead fox..
in the finish I had to buy him some deodorant and tell him he smelled bigtime..


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I shower once or twice a week (by the end I'm nasty if it's only been one, but I don't tend to go out on weekends; if I'm going to go out I shower a second time) because the evaporation damages my hair and HURTS my skin.


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I shower on average twice a day.

But when i was unemployed and in the midst of my worst depression i could go days without showering and brushing my teeth.

I do find i feel a little better when i shower though so i always try to make the effort.
When I went through my lowest depression I went for months without brushing teeth - in the end when I finally went to the dentist after a couple of years - and having picked up the brushing habit again - I had to have 3 teeth removed and umpteen fillings.

As to bathing - it varies depending on my mood and tends to be a good monitor for me...


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I shower twice a week and I dread it. In between I use baby powder and I change my underwear every day.

I bought pre-threaded dental floss holders and now I'm flossing almost everyday.


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I have to have a shower a day - I get greasy hair lol. As for brushing my teeth.....that barely happens most of the time......I tend to not bursh them very often :|


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I like to take a shower every night but I'll sometimes skip a night. I can't skip more than just a night though cause I'll get pet peeved.
for me, it depends on what's happening.

if i have someone coming to see me, or i'm going to go to colledge etc, then sure but if not, a lot of the time i just don't have the motivation
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