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How old were you when you first attempted suicide?

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11, I think. When the first person began really leaving me; guess I knew even then that she was setting up a cycle that would play itself out time and time again.


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19 years old. That was the only real time I tried, even though I've been thinking about it since 12 or 13. I felt trapped in my living situation with my parents, and, this is kind of embarrassing, but part of it was that I was really stressed about an essay for my English composition class and didn't think I would be able to finish it so I felt worthless. (I did such a horrible job that everyone thought I had just self-harmed, not that I had actually tried to kill myself.)


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12. But after 3 attempts, I moved into foster care and life got much better. Then I managed to go 39 yrs before my next failed attempts. I guess the law of averages says if I keep trying, sooner or later I will be successful. Hopefully though, I wont be trying again as I am getting help.


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Sometime when I was a kid I played with slitting my wrist. (I dunno why -I just remember my mother finding me and took the knife away. That was the total sum of the experience.) Occasionally I try to cut my wrists but the veins are pretty deep. I deal with suicide ideation all the time - that's what landed me in the hospital more than once. I have a fool proof method in the ready but am not at the point. I live alone now so no one will find me.
Hey man. I hope that you don't go through with your plan. I want to talk to you more. You seem interesting. And plus, we want you here. All of us on this site. Please, don't do it.


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I was about 12 or 13 the first time I tried but it wasn't close to successful and instead led to me having issues with self harm.
I was actually hospitalized for an almost successful suicide attempt when I was 19. I still have suicidal thoughts every day.


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I was 13 years old the first time I acted out on my thoughts-my attempts got more serious as I got older. I remember almost nothing about the first time-I was so empty inside that it felt like an out-of-body experience, like something metaphysical was happening. I only believed that it was real after everyone talked to me about it later-then I knew that it had really happened and I wasn't having some crazy dream.


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Same age as Lone Wolf, brknsilence, and band bay wasp; seems to be a popular age. I was in therapy and unable to talk about anything. It was also during a difficult month.


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I tried a few times but it was never ever <mod edit - methods>I think I did some damage to internal organs but nothing serious enough to get me into hospital....i didnt want to be found and I didnt want to get told off and riduculed for trying.....it was just another thing I sucked at and failed in.....I just pushed everything so so far down where noone could reach.....
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Seven years old (7) after I came home to my father who slammed my mother's head on top of the washer and side of the dryer. Long story short, I took a <mod edit - method>
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