How shes ruining both our lives..

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Allo.., Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. Allo..

    Allo.. Well-Known Member

    My friend is on the verge of an ED.. she never eats at school unless its like one tiny thing from someone else, she says she eats heaps at home but its nothing compared to what i eat. Last night we went to pizza hut and ate and ate and ate with all my friends and she went to the toilet, at first i didnt think anything of it, why shud i? i went to the loo while i was there too, didnt i? when she came out i noticed tears in her eyes, it wasnt like she was crying, just like she couldnt stop them, she was kinda, out of it.. wasnt smiling, she sat down and chucked one of her fake smiles on us and then stood up and walked to her drink and had some... the way she looked.. i could like tell she had vomited.. I am so, so, so scared.
    My other friend was bulemic for a while and i saw what it did to her, she fainted so many times and she had to end all the sports she did, even tho she was so athletic and loved it.
    Eventually, after shed gone to the doctors a few times, she got better, we got her thru it, so i know whats happening to my other friend..
    Last year was when it all started, she was depressed and tried suicide twice that i know of. She saw what it did to me when i knew she was doing it. She saw how hurt i was, but she kept trying..
    She used to cut herself all the time, it didnt matter where she was, she would do it. she seems to have stopped that now but not eatings the new thing..
    Her mother knows she doesnt eat but she doesnt care. she jokes about it. I get so scared im going to loose her and i know i have to help her but how?
    How do you help someone that doesnt want help?
    How do you save someone who knows what will happen and openly awaits it?
    She knows what anorexia does.. she knows what it looks like.. and thats what she wants.

    ='( if you have any ideas how i can help her please tell me.. im so scared.

    Always, Ally x
  2. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    That sounds really awful. I don't know much about ED's, but I'm sure if you searched around on the net long enough you might be able to find some stuff out about them. Her mom sounds really terrible. ED's are serious.
  3. Reo

    Reo Active Member

    get her to seek pretty sure that u cant just make her stop its a mental thing i think..
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