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    I a saw picture online of a man standing outside of his house, which is next to a cliff. There's a few words underneath the picture that tells the man has prevented some people from communicating suicide by inviting them into his house for tea and talking them out of it.

    Someone commented saying;
    "If somebody was really set on taking the 'leap of faith', and had no desire or intention to be observed, prevented or dissuaded, they wouldn't choose a spot near somebody's house, would they? Just attention seeker/'cry for help'-ers, not the real deal, I'm afraid."

    I commented to them;
    "Are you serious? "Attention seeker/cry for help-ers" I don't think anyone deserves to be labelled as such! And to say they're not the real deal, wow!"

    Their response back to me;
    "'Deserves' is a judgemental word in itself, implying that an honest description assigns more or less value to a person and/or what they do. Psychiatrists delineate suicidal behaviour into 'suicide' and 'attempted suicide', not on outcome - suicide sometimes 'fails', for unforeseen reasons or through lack of expertise, whereas attempted suicide is usually a gamble and can 'succeed' - but on intent. Obviously, individuals' motives are complex, and somewhat different in every case, but what many people 'really' want is an indication that somebody - even a stranger, or 'God' - cares whether they live or die. Might as well call a shovel a spade, imo."

    Now, I am trying to think of a response. I'm not good at confrontation, but I think the person is an idiot... I feel they shouldn't have said 'attention seeker/cry for helpers' and 'they're not the real deal'.
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    First, how wonderfully kind and generous of the man to open the door to his home, bring someone inside, and offer support!

    Second, the person who commented doesn't seem to understand much about mental illness, depression, suicidal ideation/behavior/actions, and/or the serious impact of those on someone's life. Nor does he seem to have much compassion. I kind of doubt that anything anyone might say to him would change his mind. Perhaps if he or a loved one had to deal with mental illness or suicidal thinking/behavior...but I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
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    There always will be ingorant folks like that. If you want to spend your energy explaining to the clueless, feel free to say the simple truth. I stopped defending myself and for others long time ago On folk just like that guy. As I feel humanity throws in those type of folks to balance the whole spectrum. Once I get one on a positive note another negative folk comes along. Its endless and I now see it as its meant to be.
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