How stupid and blind parents can be?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Summer.Rain, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. Summer.Rain

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    2 years ago i had a SA with OD.
    My syster was the first who found out about it
    then she told my mom, which was a REALLY usless thing to do.

    Today i talked to my dad and told him that i want him to help me
    to recive proper treatment.
    The things he said was something like this:
    1. "No one will treat you if you are no in dangare of harming yourself.."
    You stupid piss of sh*t im going to fuc*en jump from a f*ckn building
    and you think there is no dangare of me harming myself?

    Well i geuss maybe it becouse i will never tell him about what...
    But when i say to him "i dont want to do anything becouse life
    dost worth sh*t, and that it better for me to die then to live...
    If he still cant undarstand my point... then its just hopless anyways...

    2. "thay treat only drug abusers and people with heavy mental desorders, thay
    lock them inside jail-like hospitals, thay will not treat you!"

    Thanks for the help and support dad...

    3. "all the private doctors are thiefs, thay will take ours money
    and will not treat you as thay have to"

    I feel so supported now...

    then i asked him to help me insted of demoralizing me...
    he still kept telling me how no one give a shit and that no one
    will help me, and if (if?!?! fuck you!!!) i have depression i must help myself...

    Thanks again...

    Now becouse i cant help myself, becouse im really a worthless and hopless
    guy, and i dont even have the balls to talk to a doctor..
    there is no hope for me, i think i have less then 2 months to live
    one day,soon, my thoughts will take controll, and i kill myself
    when i think about it, im happy, becouse at last i will leave this fucken
    world with this fucken fammily
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.