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How stupid!


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Haven't got food for 3 days because homeless wanderer. Been feeding on filth and leftovers erstwhile. Got a slightly bloated lower abdomen, increasing my already body hatred. Intend to have an otherwise distorted self image having extremely skinny physique, albeit already gaunt. Hair loosing at an immensely devastating rate, might be going bald in months. Punish myself quite often for not complying to intended body image. Wanna cut lower abdomen the same way as wrists and forearms. At times, wish to get starved to death though always get eatables after 5-6 days of starving out of somewhere. Have an aversion from looking my ugly and unkempt face in mirror. Pubes are growing as hell big as bushes in no time. Distorted nose, thick lips and dwarf ears on an asymmetrical nauseating face, trouble with the spine and pain in backbone, always present stomach ache ornaments the inner body figure. Conclusively, don't wanna live like that, don't wanna live either.
Haven't got food for 3 days
If you call 211, they can help connect you to food and other resources. Also, if you look up "community pantries" in your area, you may be able to get food directly from them.

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