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How to accept weight?

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What's your point? Are you advocating tolerance for rude behavior? I know that to some extent, "people" will be rude, as it is normal human behavior. It's probably safe to say that's a fact. But while you or others might be willing to accept such behavior, I am not. Not unless/until they can see reason, and to then apologize for said behavior. I'm not a doormat, and I don't owe anyone an apology for that.

Anyway, I honestly don't mean to be argumentative, so I won't continue to expand on this topic right now. I'm obviously not expressing things in the manner I wish to.


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There’s this whole “body positive” movement on places like Instagram. On the one hand I do think beauty standards are ridiculously unachievable, when you have *supermodels* being photoshopped and what not. On the other hand, I think many of the supposedly “body positive” women (and men) are lying to themselves and others, and use it as an excuse to just not do the work it takes to lose weight.

It’s pretty over-the-top on social media, with morbidly obese (apparently that’s an insult now rather than a medical term?) women posing in lingerie that even I would feel uncomfortable wearing, and I’m underweight if anything. Also, I think it’s really good if people are happy with their weight but do we need it plastered all over Instagram? (Note, I’m contemptuous of many things on social media).

I’m just throwing that in there while people are having a bit of a heated conversation :cool:


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In the first instance, it is just plain rude to write snide comments to perfectly nice/reasonable responses and in the second, apparently this has become a debate about body image and whether it is "okay" for people to feel good about their appearance if they are overweight. The assertion that overweight people who do feel good about their bodies must be lying to themselves as an excuse to be lazy is just outright offensive; not everyone has the opinion that 'fat' makes a person irretrievably unattractive or should impact the way they choose to live their lives, the clothes they like and feel good in or they way they 'should' use social media. "Do we need it plastered all over Instagram" - does anything 'need' to be on Instagram? If the photos make the person happy, why be horrible about it? Just don't look at the images.

This is a SUPPORT site - writing mean things about people choosing to feel good about something that other people perceive to be a negative and live their lives irrespective of it is really not something that is acceptable here. Nor is writing rude replies to people trying to help.

Since the OP does not apparently want support and the thread has turned into something that is not okay on this forum I am locking this thread to further replies.
Not open for further replies.

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