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How to ask for help? PLEASE

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Ok here is my question and issue.
I am really not feeling good, suicidal and all that shit. Everyday i just wish to die and not be hurting any longer.
Its just I dont know how to ask for help, because i dont really want it to be this way, people say you can be happy and well i want to experience that maybe just for a little time. I have been severly depressed for the last 6-7 years and i am young and want to experience it.
So now, how do you ask people for help?
Do you just go up to them and say "hey i want to die can you help me?" like that?? And what would you have to expect as an answer???
Does anyone know?? PLease its important that i know that otherwise i am not gonna make it for much longer
Ok heres my story on how i asked for help, i hoep it helps in some way.

I became very depressed started overdosing on pain killers days in a row. My brother found out about this because he was a nosey little shit and went thru my msn convosations on my computer, and his girlfriend was one of my closest mates at the time, so she betrayed me and told him some things. One day he told my mum, my mum hadn't said anything to me but my cousin told me what he had done, and of course i denied it.

I was out where my aunty works and she noticed i wasn't my usual self and took me off into a little room and i told her that all the stuff that had been said was true. I found it hard to talk to her face to face so i wrote her a letter telling how i felt and she convinced me to go to the doctors. The doctor has been really supportive and is willing to help.

It's understandable that your scared to ask for help and yeah it can be hard, but you need to build up some trust in someoen and then tell them how you feel.

I truely hope it all works out for you

Take care

Nope, my mum knew something was wrong with me and i didn't wanna tell her, i was 18 at the time and it was my business and i felt it didn't concern anyone else. I knew several things about my brother that i felt my mum should of known but didn't and i felt what he did was out of order, if i wanted my mum to know i would of told her myself.

People might say he did it because he cares, but i've lived with him andi can honestly he don't give a shit about me, i don't know why he did it.

He told me he'd tried comming suicide on msn once when my mum kicked him out and i didn't say anything to my mum because he was my younger brother and i felt he should of stayed out of what was going on with me because all he did was make the whole situation worse, i was worting it out before he got involved.

Once he told my mum i felt like shit and ended up taking another overdose because he caused of the grief going on in my family.
Thank you vikki. It might not be all that helpful but it sure is encouraging.
Its sad that your brother did that. He should hav elet you do that on your own, since you dont really that he really cared about what it actually was.
Thank you


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Freitheit, do you have any friends you can trust? Is there a counselor or therapist that you can see? Some of them are really good.
Freitheit, do you have any friends you can trust? Is there a counselor or therapist that you can see? Some of them are really good.
there are friends that i think i could trust, its just how do i ask them? Do i just go and say i need help?? How should i do that.
Im sorry my story weren't helpful, mine kinda ended up being done for me, even tho is was in the process of trying to get help myself.

Ermmmm i would say the best wasy would be to tell someone how you feel then ask then their opinion on getting help.


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It's really hard to do. I was shaking like crazy when I asked my friends for help. I basically said I needed someone to talk to, and I told them about my situation. Not that they could help, but they can be there.
Let them know it's hard for you to talk about, and that you appreciate them being there for you. I might be dead already if it wasn't for my friends, so I appreciate that. Also, some of them might react in ways you don't like, so you kind of have to be ready for that possibility.
I wish you the best.


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I can relate.. I know its hard and very awkward to ask for help.. I mean REALLY awkward... but its really worth it if the person you ask for help cares and trys to help you.

good luck.. I told my teacher like 2 months ago... and once you get over telling them things get alittle better


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oh and how you ask... yes you basically say " I need help.. I need to talk to someone.".... I specifically said after shaking and stammering "uhm err... I need to talk to you in private about something important... I've been suicidal for a while.. I don't know what to do anymore"

so I hope thats helps alittle
I want to thank you all for the replies i got.
Today might be the day i will ask for help. I just cant take it anymore, if i hadnt had the plan of asking for help i prob would be closer to death then live right now. I mean i am on the edge of dieing, but i give it this last try and if it doesnt work out i must go. There wont be a point of staying here.
so i did it.....i asked for help the other night. I got high on weed so i can handle the pressure. The person i talked to said we would go to the doctor as soon as we know each others scheduel, so she can come with me when i get my pills. I hope it will be enough with the pills, that i wont need a councellor or anything. But i already said that this is my last cry and try for help, if this doesnt work out, well nothing will and i will leave this f*** world.
:) but thanks for your support here, its not alot that i have seen, but its more then i have here in my life right now. So thank you.
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