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  1. When I was younger my big sister used to abuse me and some of my moms boyfriends would join her. She never believed me so I stoped talking about it. Now I am terrified of my sister and my moms current boyfriend has beat me. I try to get out but she won't let me. I'm so terrified that its never going to get better. I just want to run away but I can't until the weather gets better. I don't know if I can keep this up till spring. I have tried commiting suiside. I cut upto 5 times a week. My family hates me and I can't take it anymore.
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    Hi, it sounds brutal there, and I'm sorry you're dealing with that. It's not right for that to be happening to you.

    How old are you, honey? Are you in school? If yes, could you talk to the school counsellor? Depending on your age and where you live, children's services agency could help you if you called them. Are you in the US or Canada? In the US, there is the Covenant House helpline that might be able to offer you some information that would help. It's private and free, 1-800-999-9999. In Canada for the same kind of info, there is the KidsHelpPhone 1-800-668-6868. I really encourage you to call so you can get the information that might help you.

    Please, let us know how you are doing.
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    If you're in the UK, there's the NSPCC's hotline. Wherever you are, there are people to help you.
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