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Practical Advice How to control my fellings?

My felling fluctuate lot, I need to learn how to control them better, to not get so upset when things happen,or so angry. And I need someone to whom I can aks things, but I don´t really know where to post my thoughts here and ask questions about them. One exemple, I feel like love and friendship can be one´s strength and give them motivation, but I think there is another type of person, to whom love is a weakness, and I feel that that´s my case, and that I function better when left alone, but I still feel lonely, I want to stoop felling like that I want to stop wanting so badly to have friends to fall in love, because hinestly when it comes down to it, most people annoy me, and its really hard for me to find someone I like. And its so contradictory, see I want to learn how to handle my fellings so I don´t have to constantly ask for help. there is so much happening in my life right now that I don´t know how to handle, but lets tackle on problem at a time. for now, my rambling a side, how do I control my fellings, how do I stop them from taking over?


Absolute Peach!
Why do you think that people make things worse for you? What is it about them which can make things worse?

There are a few things I know that can help to stabilise your mood. It does depend on the situation.

Mindfulness is a great option, but it takes time. If you're interested, apps like Headspace are a good place to start.

For situations where you find your thoughts running away, writing it down, and writing other possible scenarios can be helpful if you can. Asking yourself what a friend might say about it, or maybe what you'd say to a friend.

Having a plan for when things do get out of control. What do you enjoy? Or what would calm you down? My sister uses a ton of fidget stuff. Squishy animals, tangles, boxes with buttons. She also uses puzzle books and bubbles. She has a box full of stuff she can go to when feeling overwhelmed to calm her down. Filling it with loads of comforting stuff can help.

For me, medication did help stabilise my mood a little - my extremes became less extreme. Therapy of course, too. However, these are both very personal choices.

I wish we knew the answer to that question - all we can do is reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed as best we can, or ride through it, I think. I'm gonna tag @may71 - he's very good with practical suggestions. I hope at the very least you feel like you have somewhere to go for questions - always feel free to ask here.

Sending hugs

There is a style of therapy called DBT, dialectical behavioral therapy, that's often used when someone has problems regulating their emotions.

So I guess the ideal thing would be to see therapist who does this kind of therapy, but you could also try getting a book/workbook about it.

I agree with @EmB that a meditation practice could help a lot

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