How To Deal With Betrayal?

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    Alright so here's the entire situation. I've gotten advice from many different people but none of it has been working. I don't want to avoid this situation, I want to rise above it.

    This involves me, my friend Steve, and my ex-girlfriend Rachel.
    I met Steve in like 4 years ago. We always played music together and were friends and stuff. I started dating this girl Gia one time, and after two months we broke up. He had told me that a couple days before we broke up they had kissed and were hanging out, and asked me if it was ok if they date. I said sure, why not? I didn't want to go out with her. I started dating this other girl a few months later. Her name was Kate. We said I love you and all that and it lasted about 7 months but we broke up because it turned into an unhealthy relationship. He dates her the next day, this time without asking. It was a long time before I could forgive him. When I was dating Kate, he was dating Rachel. Now a long time after this me and Rachel started talking and dating. I figured what the hell he never cared. This relationship I thought was it. I was thinking about moving away with her. We said I love you, but it eventually turned into an unhealthy relationship. This was 10 months I'd say of seeing each other every day and doing/sharing everything. About 3/4 through that 10 months, we had a short break which Steve and her got together. It was the worst weekend of my life. Anyway after we broke up she moved to North Carolina with her friends for two months. As soon as she comes back I find her in bed with my now roomate Steve. I was crushed. I still have to live with him for 2 more months before school gets out. I asked them both if they could not sleep together while I'm here. I wake up this morning and she's here. How can I make this situation work for everyone? I don't want to burst out in anger. I've said how I feel and they haven't listened. What else can I do?
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    You can hate me for say this :smile: but that is one sinuous post--hard to keep track of and time is a factor for me. If you shorten it down to who's betraying whom, I might can weigh in for you.

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    lol well this is the "let it all out" section.

    Alright I'll give a shortened version.
    Best friend is dating my recent ex-girlfriend and I still have to live with the best friend. :tongue: