How to gain muscle!

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    Gaining muscle is fairly easy... their are just two things you have to do!
    1.) Eat a lot of carbs and proteins. This will give you fat to turn into muscle.
    2.) Work out by lifting weights and doing push ups at least everyday, don't go more than two days without exercising.

    By doing this, you should notice results pretty quickly. Stay committed and you'll be muscular in no time! Hope this helps.
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    I don't want to be muscular. It all turns to fat once you stop pumping iron. I prefer aerobic exercises like running. But hey, all exercise generates endorphins, so that's a good thing.
  3. Hey guys, not to be a contrarian ( yeah right PDW !! ), but muscle cannot become fat nor can fat become muscle. Muscles cells are genetically mapped out to be only muscle cells, they cannot transform into fat cells anymore than brains cells can transform into bone cells. These materials are chemically unique and are incapable of morphing into another substance.

    Muscle can become flabby and even become atrophied, as in persons who suffer from paralysis, but if one were to take a biopsy sample from a paraplegics' unused leg muscle and examine it under a microscope they would see nothing but..... muscle cells!
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    Eating loads of carbs won't make it muscle. You need to work out your BMR and then only eat the amount of carbs you need and then work out using a healthy work out plan. If you eat carbs over your BMR then that will turn into fat.