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How to get educated more on nutrition daily?


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Like... I can understand how being malnutrition can seriously damage your body but i want to know the good stuffs about food and how to enjoy it, isn't there a book about it? I want to be surrounded with the good stuffs.


I know poor nutrient will have hard time to repair muscles, gives scars and brings a lot of stresses to the gut plus it slowers down your metabolism quick. So like I want to be surrounded with the benefits of nutrient rather than seeing numbers of calories on food every time I eat. I'm so sick of the bad stuffs.


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It's depend on you and things you do. I'm not a nutritionist so there is nothing much I can tell you. There is a video about vitamins and what they do, here:

I can only recommend avoiding fast food and soda due to their high amount of salt and sugar.


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Follow nutrionists on YouTube,I'm shocked how much there is too it ,thats if you dive deep into it .intermittent fasting is big one to do.gives the gut a time to rest ,chew properly to aid digestion .nutrition is only fuel ,the macros = cards,protein, fat .cleaner the diet ,cleaner your body .
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