How to get rid of a dumb relative?

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    Son of my mothers' brother...
    He think that he can "fix" me by forcing me to hang out with him
    while every time i do, all he does is to get drunk, hot headed and violent.
    When he is drunk he sometimes mocking me about me sitting alone..
    Im telling him that i don't want to, he ignores and then become all violent
    threatening me that if i will not drink and dance he will "kick my ass"...
    Now i guess its a joke, but then again, he is drunk and there is no smile on his face...

    2 days ago he invited me to a beach with his friends
    they were drunk as always, and i told him that ill come but i don't want
    to swim or anything, so he was like "YOU WILL SWIM!!!"
    I decided to fight his aggression with aggression so i told him:
    "im not gonna swim, if you want to fight, lets fight, but you wont like it"
    so he got pissed and went away while violently pushing one of his friends towards a wall.

    His wife told me that when he drink he become violent
    and I cant stand such people (I got whole lot of negative prospective on such people)
    and its not like i want to completely get rid of him, just not to hang out with him..
    thing is that he is a bit ignorant, and he want to start a business so he needs
    my help (gah he can barely read or write)
    I agreed to help him and for that he promised me 50% of the income
    which is good considering the fact that i need money as i want to move
    to another country.
    So somehow i have to tell him that i don't want to hang out with him
    yet to remain in good relations as we are about to be business partners..
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hard one i would rethink business partners if he is going to be drinking alot. You have to just tell him outright you do not want to hang out especially if there is drinking involved. You are your own person and do not need anyone pushing you into doing anything your not comfortable doing dancing swimming whatever Let him know this and tell him to get help for his violent outbreaks anger management classes and as i said be careful who you partner with especially relatives ah not a good mix.
  3. Ravon

    Ravon Member

    If he has no sense, as you seem to imply, then it's probably not a good idea to go into business with him, unless you'll be the one running it and he just puts up the starting capital.

    Anyway, it sounds like he genuinely wants to help you, but has a personality that isn't compatible with yours. The best thing to do, imho, is to decline his offers to hang out as they come, and eventually he'll stop asking.
  4. Remedy

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    Aggressive drunks can be pretty scary, I'd turn down any invites to hang out. Do you think the business can be successful with him in charge?
    Is he aware of how he behaves when he drinks? Maybe have a chat with him and say it makes you uncomfortable being around him when he's like that.
  5. Stranger1

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    When he asks you to go hang out tell him thanks but no thanks.. Tell him you don't drink and that being around people who do makes you very uncomfortable..Where are the parents when all this is happening??
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