How to get rid of derpression?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by 0000, Nov 14, 2007.

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    #excuse the typo in the thread title#
    I have had this over 15 years now and the different meds aren't making it go away. Although I am taking a med right now for it I know it will not make me better and if anything it is damaging my ability to connect with people (has anyone else experienced this connection issue?).

    What seems to me the only way to sort this out is to correct the reason why this all started in the first place. I know why this all started, but correcting the reason why without doing something truly terrible is pretty much impossible, otherwise I'd have done it way back then.

    What are your thoughts on correcting the initial reasons, and my situation, for that matter?

    Thanks, T
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    hey there

    my thoughts...ok....

    correcting the initial reasons wont do any good at all. You might feel better short term but the damage has already been done, the hurt has already been caused and that will stay with you long term no matter what you do.

    are you maybe putting too much pressue on your tablets? This is going to sound really crazy but imagine your tablets were a person. Are you expecting them to assist you in getting better whilst trying to help yourself through counselling or whatever, which is what should be done, or are you relying on the tablets to be the miracle solution ?

    Depression is a long term illness, 15 years is pretty bog standard, but i'm proud that you've coped for so long. It feels like a right pain in the ass when you're taking different meds and none seem to be working, but im glad you're sticking it out.

    keep plodding on with the meds, give them time, my GP said it takes about 4-8 weeks before you see even the smallest of change in your mood. Try other methods of help too, maybe counselling, or just venting your thoughts by writing them down.

    Depression damages our ability to connect with others, because we feel they are living in a different world to us because they can see the good in things where we see the bad. But don't shut off the connection. A great alleviator for they symptoms of depression is to keep in contact with friends, and to try and laugh as much as you can. Laughter really is a good medicine, even if it is only temporary.

    Keep going T, you can beat this, you've come 15 years so far and i'm sure you'll be able to beat the depression

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